“Hi Carmen, Martha Coakley Calling…

Posted May 16th, 2014 by Iron Mike

…about this Republican Charlie Baker,…and his sweet NJ deal…”
Coakley Baker NJ Deal

You couldn’t time it much better…. The ever-suicidal MassGOP will convene a meeting of it’s executive committee this weekend [probably by phone] with the expressed purpose of having said Executive Committee endorse Charlie Baker – even though Mark Fisher will be on the Primary Election Ballot.

Unethical? Stupid? In the face of REALITY?

I say it’s ALL THREE!!!

Now, with near matchless timing – Coakley suggests there may be either campaign law violations, – or worse,…in connection with Baker’s seemingly pay-to-play deal with the New Jersey Republican Party [and by extension with Governor Chris Christie].

Democrats could score a twofer…..

If federal authorities investigate [Eric Holder’s elite SWAT Team] you can be sure it will drip into the news all summer and fall.

But knowing the players, the MassGOP Executive Committee is faithfully marching in lock-step to the tune of Drummer Chocolate Pants – Ron Kaufman.

Ron Kaufman Chocolate Pants

His mission is to completely destroy the MassGOP, – and what better way than to have them ENDORSE someone under federal investigation?

COMMON SENSE says don’t take that vote, – and let the primary process play out. That might even regenerate some voter enthusiasm.

Common sense or patriotism from the Executive Committee?

FAT CHANCE!!   They’re mostly cocktail-sipping RiNOcrats!

ANYbody out there think Kirsten Hughes “the Mouseketeer” – was smart enough to have a background check done on Baker before she threw herself at his feet?

People, DO NOT GIVE ANY MONEY to the MassGOP!

They still have huge attorney fees to pay – because of the Stalinist convention they ran and their ballot-stuffing scheme to keep Fisher off the Primary Ballot. They are unethical and unworthy.

Give directly – ONLY to the candidates you have vetted and trust.

UPDATE: Sun 18 May 2014 Rob Eno reports on RMG that they went ahead and did it!

Voted 15-1 to let Exec Committee Critters work for Baker. Seems they carefully avoided the word “Endorsement”.  BUT, their vote allows MassGOP re$ource$ to be spent on Baker-Polito.


4 Responses to ““Hi Carmen, Martha Coakley Calling…”

  1. Leo The Lion

    The power hungry, self-seeking establishment Republicans are receiving what they richly deserve.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Marsha is very shrewd, maybe by accident, but there are no coincidences. The timing is perfect and the Mass GOP Executive Committee would rather go down with the Baker sinking ship that to endorse a conservative Mark Fisher. They don’t care about the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan, they only care about their reputations among the GOP establishment cocktail crowd. The people of Massachusetts be damned!

  3. Walter Knight


  4. Sherox

    Let me be the first to congratulate the Democrats in Massachusetts for their massive victory come November.