Hey Obama! Who’s On The Run Now?

Posted August 5th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Obama’s Foreign Policy Wizard – the Habitual Liar Susan Rice – orders 22 embassies and consulates closed – for at least a week, – based on ‘chatter’.   [Lurch had no say…]
On The Run

                             Pretty much confirms they didn’t do squat after Benghazi…

9 Responses to “Hey Obama! Who’s On The Run Now?”

  1. Tom

    With the end of Ramadan on August 7th, look for some dirty business at the beginning of Eid. Let’s see how they handle the multiple crisis. Susan Rice as Foreign Policy Advisor, give me a frekin break!

  2. Walter Knight

    The problem is no matter whether this administration has something important to say or not, no one believes them.

    The government announcing a terrorist threat should draw everyone’s attention, but Americans ignore the warning because they think it’s just more self serving spin by the Obama administration.

  3. Casey Chapman

    Any credibility we had with the middle eastern world got squandered way back when Obummer got elected the first time. Our only hope, is that the republicans actually come up with a half way decent candidate next time.
    One we don’t have to hold our noses for as we vote.

  4. Walter Knight

    I’m sure one-issue voting will rear its ugly head again. It always does for Republicans.

  5. Jim Gettens

    Check out “The Al Qaeda Obama Forgot” in the 6 August Wall Street Journal…”The second shortest distance in Washington now runs between an Obama speech and its empirical disproof”

  6. Hawk1776

    I think this puts the administration in an untenable position. Given what happened at Benghazi (remember that?) if something happens at an open embassy they will be criticized mercilessly. If nothing happens at a closed embassy they will be criticized mercilessly. No way to win.


    You’re right Hawk; – they spent 4½ painting themselves into a corner.

    VOTERS should have foreseen these kind of events back in 2008, – CERTAINLY in 2012!

  7. Kojack

    Casey, ANY of the GOP candidates would have made a better POTUS than the Islamic Marxist D-bag we have now who is destroying this country INTENTIONALLY. BTW I didn’t have to hold my nose to vote for Mitt. He was particuliarly well suited to rebuilding the US economy and his foreign policy instincts were spot on. I thought he was a little soft on the 2nd Ammendment which is THE issue for me but in spite of that I gained a lot more respect for him and Ann and their accomplishments during the campaign. Incredibly, RiNO McCain got more votes than Romney did. I wonder do the Evangelicals and others think they got a better deal by staying home?!?!?

  8. Sam Adams

    Anybody listening to Rush today? Truth has it that Valerie Jared was the one who called the “stand-down”. Who didn’t know that from the beginning? Only the Commender-in-Chief can order such a thing, and she’s the only one that Obama has assigned such co-governance to.

  9. Hawk1776

    I’m 64. Obama is the worst President in my lifetime, even worse than Jimmy Carter. I only hope we can tread water for another 3 1/2 years.