Hey Niki, Where’s Bubba And ’Bama?

Posted October 24th, 2010 by Iron Mike

For the past three weeks Barack Hussein Obama Jr. and William Jefferson “Good Hands” Clinton have been traveling around the country to bolster the campaigns of ‘important’ Democrats they think might be in danger of being dumped by voters next week. The Messiah came to help Duh-val, and Bubba came to help Bwarny Fwank.

But nobody’s come to help you Niki?  Oh what a shame!  I guess the Efthemios name just doesn’t cut it with THE MEssiah. I mean, who knows if he was even in this country back in the day.  And Bubba, – well we know how the Clintons hold grudges…*  So Niki, has the DNC decided that you’re expendable?

We’ve seen Princess Michelle Obama and even our Village Idiot “Lovable Joe” Biden also on the campaign trail. You would think that a totally loyal Pelosi voter like yourself [who can beat 98%?] would rate some respect, and some high-profile help. After all, when you first ran back in 2007, didn’t the party promise you an easy ride – practically no opposition?

Yet this year there were six (6) men who had actually read the Constitution all trying to unseat you?  Where are those high-ranking Democrats?  Where the Hell is Howard YeeHa Dean? Where is Michael Moore or Whoopi Goldberg or Katie Couric or Dan Rather?  Where the bleeding Hell is the RESPECT from the Party??!?  My Gawd, the least they could do is send somebody who actually won something – like maybe Michael Dukakis, – not that Washington gold digging skank Vicki Reggie [Kennedy].

Of course the Mass 5th is on the border with New Hampshire, and we know how the Obama Cartel feels and deals with border jurisdictions. You’re being left all alone to deal with the problem. Now you know how they feel in Southern Arizona.  What you sent around has come around;  you’re on your own.

Hey I know – you could call Al Gore. He’s going through a divorce – I bet he has lots of time on his hands right now. Any you know how he loves to talk. Melt an ice cube – he’ll jet right on into Hanscom. And if he’s busy getting a back rub, maybe Tipper will come?

What about John Ketchup Kerry – do you think Theresa would lend you her lap poodle?  Who else, who else…Barbra Streisand? Jane #onda? Cindy Sheehan? There must be some famous left-wing loon who will come and shill for you??!?  Paris Hilton?  Arianna Huffington?  Diane Sawyer?   Connie Chung? Ashley Alexandra Dupre? Chris Matthews?  Anybody?

ROTFLMAO [sorry, couldn’t help myself] 

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

* Paul Efthemios Tsongas ran against Bubba for the ’92 Presidential ticket.  The Clintons hold grudges.

One Response to “Hey Niki, Where’s Bubba And ’Bama?”

  1. Iron Mike

    You know it’s got to smart when the Village Idiot came to NH and got all the way to Nashua – but didn’t help Niki. On the very SAME day, OBummer cames to Rhode Island to campaign and had Democrat Frank Caprio [running for Governor] – tell him to “shove it”.

    Poor Niki – Nashua and Providence – so near and yet so far.

    Did you see her TV piece – still talking about her daddy and lightweight body armor and what she doing to “help veterans” – the same veterans she used to curse in the ’60 and ‘70s. Hey Niki, how ’bout talking about WINNING the war?