Hey Mitt: FIGHT Or Go Home!

Posted July 7th, 2012 by Iron Mike

This election is NOT about YOU!

YOU don’t matter – so long as you promise to reverse the damage caused by this Kenyan imposter.


Stop being a Mormon Choir Boy; get on your stump and start fighting!

From Sun Tzu: Understand yourself
                 – then understand the enemy.

We get it – you grew up a pampered rich kid – but then you made your own money by virtue of your own hard work. You and Ann raised a good family.
BUT, is there fire in your belly for this fight?

Your enemy – OUR enemy is a manically clever utterly ruthless anti-American / anti-colonialist would-be dictator. His intentions are clear – to weaken and humble America in an act of anti-colonial revenge.

He lives in an imaginary world – but a very sick world. 

His ugly, snarling wife shares his hatreds – so there is no mellowing effect. She enjoys the perks of royalty so much that she personifies the nouveau riche.

Together they are surrounded, aided, and abetted by a cartel paid for by George Soros. You are up against a ruthless mega-billionaire!


The American People are just waiting to accept you as their champion, – if you can prove you’re up to the job. But this isn’t like rushing a fraternity at Harvard. We want to see if you have the meat and the mettle to fight for us.

Start giving the voters a clear picture of America under your leadership.

–  Talk about bringing jobs back from China and India.

–  Talk about a TAX REFORM PLAN for the next 20 years.

–  Talk about repealing ObamaCare and REPLACING it with a system

– which allows Americans to buy insurance across state lines,

– which will include MASSIVE TORT REFORM,

– which will FUND QUALIFIED young people – mostly veterans – to go to MEDICAL SCHOOL.

– Talk about fixing Medicare

– Talk about fixing Social Security

– Talk about FOREIGN POLICY to include Russia, China, the ‘Arab Spring’, Israel, and Iran.

Prove to us that you know something about our military.

– Talk about REAL energy independence – not Obama’s ‘phony green agenda’

Talk about appointing a REAL Attorney General and a REAL Secretary of Homeland Security.

– Talk about SEALING our Southern Border, and a guest-worker program with biometric ID cards.

– Talk about prosecuting those who allowed Fast & Furious to start, and to continue.

– Talk about ENDING VOTER FRAUD and WELFARE FRAUD, – and sending guilty officials to prison.

Talk about auditing the Federal Reserve!!!

– Talk about PROTECTING our INTERNET and our 2nd Amendment Rights.

– Talk about ending the litigious tyranny of fringe minority groups.

Talk about the short list you have for the Supreme Court.

Willard, if this isn’t in you – or if this just ‘isn’t you’ – then please go to Tampa and tell the assembled delegates that you’re ‘out of it’ – and encourage them to vote for Newt Gingrich on the First Ballot. Newt isn’t afraid of this fight.

In other words: Fight for us – or go the f**k home!

We can’t afford to lose this election because some panty waist wants to play by Marquess of Queensbury Rules!

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

11 Responses to “Hey Mitt: FIGHT Or Go Home!”

  1. Don Ordway

    I’m afraid Mitt Romney is waiting for others to fight this battle for him, or maybe he fears peaking at the wrong time. The time is now, the clock is ticking faster and will soon run out.

    I hope he’s not afraid of winning the mess Obama has created. I’ve seen Romney in battle before and he can be a troblesome enemy that Obama does not want to face. If a disastor is a terrible thing to waste (Rahm Emanuel) then what better time to enjoy victory. If he gets Obama on the ropes the fight will end without delay. I agree let the battle begin. The stakes are extremely high an a Romney failure is not an option.

  2. John Staffier

    Pam likes Luis Fortuno for VP – – -He is , as you know, the Governor of Puerto Rico and gas done a superb job there. He would really get the Hispanic vote to vote for Mitt.

  3. Flick

    Maybe Tim Pawlenty could confer with Mitt and give him some pointers. GO FOR THE THROAT, our Country’s future depends on it!

  4. Tom Gilroy

    There is but one person who could carry this fight for Mitt, and that is Col. Allen West from Florida. He is the only staunch conservative that would rattle the establishment Republicans and put fear into the Democrats and especially Barack Hussien Obama.

  5. Blossom Stiefel

    I agree with Tom Gilroy, Congressman Allen West of Florida is a wonderful choice for Mitt’s VP. He is very bright, articulate, knowledgeable and will fight for our country and stand firm for our Constitution and our American way of life. He would be amazing in any debate. It is people like Congressman West that can give us all hope that we will save our country for our children and grandchildren.

  6. Walter Knight

    The key to health care costs is tort reform. It worked in Texas, but didn’t get much traction with voters for Governor Perry. Tort reform just isn’t a key push-button issue with most voters.

    So, Romney plods along debating all those other issues. Getting elected President is a long drawn out process. Romeny is doing it right.

  7. william childress

    Romney, is just too nice. He wants to be a gentlemen . He has not fire under his feet for he is just too mellow . He is having problems with the Latinos and I can help him there but he wouldn’t call. He is also having problems with the Jewish people .

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  10. Walter Knight

    What I wonder when I look at the breakdown of Electoral College states is can Romney carry his own state of Massachusetts, and any other Northeast state that usually goes Democrat? If so, Romney wins big.

  11. John O'Mara


    When you debate BHO it is crucial that you draw him into
    a restatement of his many unconscionable lies. Then you emphatically call him a LIAR and back it up with FACTS.
    Do this over and over and over again.

    Yes, Tom and Blossom … Alan West is our VP. Just imagine
    what he wil do for Mitt vis-a-vis the progressive media and what he will to Mr. Biden in debate.

    P.S. If folks are serious about making BHO a one-termer, we
    can use your help at http://www.oustobamacoalition.com