Hey Media! Don’t Poke The Bear!

Posted February 13th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The left-wing media is always fishing for useful sound-bites,  and they’re always baiting Trump. They’re still underestimating his instincts,  – and his readiness to counter-punch with a well-rehearsed response.

Once again the media asks a question they wish they hadn’t:

Since last Thursday – when the US Senate acquitted him,  the House Democrats have been threatening to re-impeach the President. 

At RRB we think it would practically guarantee his re-election….

Watch as CNN – now desperate for viewership,  – tries to re-stir the impeachment pot using just a piece of that interview.

As we go further into 2020, you’ll see the left-wing media feeding their gullible viewers a narrative that “Trump and all Republicans are inherently dishonest and corrupt”.

Your fellow citizens – those who restrict their viewing and news gathering to these outlets,  are easily persuaded that Trump is evil,  – is helping the Russians, – and is gaming the system for personal profit.

40+ years of left-wing union teachers in our public schools (paid for by YOU) is paying off for the Marxists at a level they could not have imagined back in the 1970s…


It really doesn’t matter what you call them – Socialists,  Democratic Socialists,  Communists, Globalists,  Internationalists;  – these left-wing people – in our school systems,  in government,  – in the media,  and in our pulpits,…

– are all TRAITORS to the core founding principles that made the USA the unique nation and prosperous society we are.

Ironically these TRAITORS continue to use their Government-Guaranteed Freedoms to condemn our uniqueness and to DEMAND that we somehow “be like ALL OTHER NATIONS”.

PATRIOTS:  You will have to be the voice of experience,  – of REASON,  – and of Patriotism for your immediate family and your circle of friends.

We must win back the House,  – KEEP the Senate,  – and re-elect this President;  – or this nation will surely devolve into an ugly civil war.

One Response to “Hey Media! Don’t Poke The Bear!”

  1. Kojack

    “You will have to be the voice of experience, – of REASON, – and of Patriotism for your immediate family and your circle of friends.”

    The problem is that 99% of these BOLSHEVIK BERNIE types cannot be reasoned with. Some of the younger ones will learn and come to their senses on their own but they are not all young, many are age 40+. They will have to be charged with treason and prosecuted. Especially the left wing commie professors/teachers who have been teaching lies to impressionable minds. Bringing back HUAC, the House Un-American Activities Committee would be a good 1st step.