“Hey Hey LBJ…

Posted September 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

                …how many kids you kill today?” Vietnam Protests
45 years later – the Silence of the Doves is deafening!

Today, the VERY people who choked our streets and campuses with chanting anti-war protesters in 1968 are in the Halls of Government, – and they’re arguing that America needs to go kill people in the name of….civilization?

In 1968 America was weary of WWII, Korea, Lebanon, Berlin, and then Vietnam.

True, we’d watched Russian and Chinese Communism march across the globe at frightening speed, but we still felt ‘protected’ by two wide oceans.

Why die in somebody else’s war? Forget treaty obligations; – call it a civil war – a ‘peoples war‘ – none of our business, – and just walk away.

Left-wing students, professors, actors, and the media excoriated first LBJ, then Nixon, – demanding that we get out and stay out.

Poorly led by three inept US Presidents a war we could have easily – and cheaply – won, dragged on for 12 years, – destroyed American unity, – created a generational chasm here at home, and made the US gun-shy about facing down regional threats.

They were still vocal in 1990-91 when Saddam invaded Kuwait. “None of our Business!” “No blood for oil!”

Then came 9/11, and our incursion into Afghanistan after bin Laden. The Left was more muted….

But they quickly found a new champion in Cindy Sheehan when the hated George W. Bush and the evil Dick Cheney took us to Baghdad looking for Saddam’s WMD.

Most are still convinced that Dick Cheney got rich on the deal….and that the issue of WMDs was a hoax.

So are Bashar al-Assad’s WMDs a hoax?

Oh no, they’re a threat to all of Civilization!
He must be taught a lesson! We must slap his wrists –
and arm our sworn enemies al Qaeda so they can take over his country!
….no boots on the ground….
What could possibly go wrong?”

This from the 1968 anti-war crowd who have NOT spent the past 45 years studying the Art of War, the Principles of War, or staying abreast of advances in weaponry being made in and used by what we used to refer to as ‘Third World Countries’.

Today Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, France, Syria – and others – have a goodly assortment of anti-ship missiles.

[If I were a Chinese general,  I’d be itching and pleading to try out my new anti-ship missiles on an American carrier.  Just imagine the marketing impact!]

Are we willing to watch a US nuclear aircraft carrier sunk in the confined waters of the Eastern Mediterranean [or in the Straits of Hormuz] – just to bail out Obama’s overloaded mouth – or to distract attention from his weapons-smuggling operation last September in Benghazi?Bellicose narcissist 

Are those who excoriated LBJ and Nixon over Vietnam, – who excoriated Bush Sr and GW Bush over Iraq, – now so scared of being called ‘racists’ – that they’ll act as cheerleaders of Obama’s utterly evil and reckless folly?

Do any of these newly-fledged left-wing ‘hawks’ understand how utterly and thoroughly incompetent Obama, Biden, Kerry, Hagel and General Dempsey really are?

Hell, if Dempsey was either competent – or honest – he’d resign before ordering this folly!

If ‘American Credibility’ is on the line [thanks to Obama’s big mouth] – how will we look if we’re just lost an aircraft carrier – or the Iranians cut off the Straights of Hormuz – or the Egyptians shut down the Suez?

Instead of backing Obama’s bluster, Congress should be impeaching him!

3 Responses to ““Hey Hey LBJ…”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Impeachment is the way to go——–IF we had a congress that did have a backbone, and was NOT corrupt.

  2. Walter Knight

    Liberal hawks vs. conservative doves. Politics has truly turned national security positions upside down.

    The Free Syrian Army is not controlled by al-Qaeda. They will continue to fight the Hezbollah-Assad-Iranian alliance with or without our help.

  3. Kojack

    Even the NYT ran a story about how infiltrated the opposition is with al Qaeda from the top down joining ranks with the German, British and French Press. AS BAD AS THE CURRENT REGIME IS, THE U.S. SECURITY WILL BE MORE ADVERSELY AFFECTED IF ASSAD LOSES. We need to stay out of this.