Herald Writer Atkins Twists The Narrative

Posted July 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Tell a big enough lie,  – repeat it often enough,  – and eventually people will believe it!”  – Joseph Goebbels.
Atkins ignores 7½ years
Sadly most Americans have no clue who Goebbels was.  So Boston Herald writer Kimberly Atkins can get away with twisting the facts and shading the truth.   She’s hardly alone.

Kimberly’s piece praising Obama’s reaction to the Dallas Massacre attempts to have you ignore Obama’s empty record on improving race relations in America.

She ignores how badly Obama, Holder, and now Lynch have set race relations back,  – many say to the level of the late 1960s.   Following Obama’s lead, she turns the blame to “GUNS”.

Atkins Victims of gun violence

There are good reasons for papers like the Herald to employ and feature Black writers and editors.  Too bad Atkins doesn’t live up to the need,  and instead became a left-wing mouthpiece.

Kimberly, you’ve dis-serviced both the few Blacks who will read your column,  and the rest of the Herald readers. 

In days like these we need the blunt truth,  – not spin.

Sadly Kim, once again you’ve pandered to stereotypical Black Racism by attempting to praise Obama, – the most racist pResident we’ve had since Woodrow Wilson.

Atkins praises Obama

From the earliest days of his administration when he knee-jerk blamed the Cambridge Police for ‘being stupid’,  – he has ALWAYS taken the THUG side of any issue wherever race ~ might ~ be a factor.

He has ignored the criminal behavior – the career criminal behavior – of Trayvon Martin,  Michael Brown,  Eric Garner,  Freddie Gray,  Alton Sterling,  and now Philando Castile…

Philandro Castile gunpoint

He has totally ignored the EVIL of men like Vester Flanagan and Juan Francisco Sanchez-Lopez, – and used their evil deeds to talk about GUNS.

He attempted to deny the Fort Hood victims their Purple Hearts – and called Major Nidal Hasan’s Islamic Jihad “workplace violence”,   despite the major yelling “Allah Akbar” as he shot unarmed soldiers.

Less than 4 weeks ago Omar Mateen – after careful planning – killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, – called into a TV station to proclaim his loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi; – and Obama chose to ignore the ISIS element of the massacre – and blame “GUNS”.

WHAT is Obama’s real agenda?

Your personal hero seems UNABLE to explain why so many shooters and shooting victims in America are Black,  – and he’s IGNORED the murder epidemics in Democrat-controlled cities like DC, Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis, and Los Angeles.  WHY?

Kim,  your personal hero USED Blacks – including YOU  – to get elected – then re-elected,….

 –  but he’s done NOTHING to halt the plague of drugs teen pregnancyhigh unemployment,  and endless gang violence on the Democrat’s inner-city Black Voter Plantations.

Obama and race relations

WAKE UP GIRL!  You’re being used!

Americans,  you need to wake up too!   You’re being manipulated and lied to daily in most of the media. Be alert to it,  – and call it out!

4 Responses to “Herald Writer Atkins Twists The Narrative”

  1. Panther 6

    Can you imagine how much nicer the inner city areas might look had OBAMA put forth a program, with pay, to have unemployed black/white/Hispanic youth clean up, paint and generally make their home area respectable? I heard Bill O’Reilly comment that BO set a good example as a father for his children. OK maybe I can give him a little there but not for anything he has done for the race that he is half part of.

  2. Varvara

    From the earliest days of his administration…..

    He blamed the Cambridge police department for being stupid, yet the department came out to defend the Sgt., who was honored by several organization and colleges where he taught students race relations and law. Also, the professor mentioned, during a lecture, what a nice young man he is, while being filmed for a PBS presentation. The
    other thing I remember was the beer summit where 0 walked down the stairs, smiling while the Sgt. helped the professor, with a cane, on the stairs.

    After that I took everything 0 said with a large grain of salt.

  3. Leonard Mead

    Factoids about Rio Olympics —
    Nothing to see here about safety and “gun violence.”
    Troubles will possibly be attributed to “Competition Rage.”
    Len Mead (Now in Barre, MA at Camp Coldbrook)

    Rio de Janeiro will use about 85,000 soldiers and police to secure the games, about twice as many as London four years ago. About 10,500 athletes are expected for the Olympics with 300,000 to 500,000 foreign tourists.

    “We won’t have a problem during the Olympics,” Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes said Saturday. “I’d say Rio will be the most secure place in the world during this period.”

    The state of Rio de Janeiro has acknowledged it’s broke, which has delayed salaries for police and hospital workers and raised worries about security in an already crime-ridden city.

    Passengers arriving recently at Rio’s international airport have been greeted by police holding up banners that read: “Welcome to Hell.”

  4. Mt Woman

    Kimberly Atkins is a tool of the Obama administration and will never wake up because she doesn’t know that she’s comatose! For Panther, I too was watching Bill O’Reilly the other night when he showed a clip of his interview on another network. He ranked Obama’s administration as seen in history as below 50% but then did say that he has been a great role model–mouth agape–HUH???

    Are you serious Bill? To whom has he been a good role model–his daughters? Are you serious?

    As the first black president he asked for and took on the responsibility to also work with “his community”–he failed miserably–WHY?? Because he does not identify with the black community any more than I do. His own city of Chicago is afire and Obama is fiddling in DC. Even Rahm has disavowed his own City and gets away with it because he is a liberal Dem.

    This administration and its partners in crime has been a DISASTER ON STEROIDS and continues by the day to get worse!