Herald Pimps The Squaw – AGAIN!

Posted January 18th, 2015 by Iron Mike

For the second time in just 5 days – the so-called ‘Conservative Boston Paper’ is pushing a story about the “Draft Warren Campaign”.  Are they just anti-Hillary, – or have they secretly sold out to Soros?Warren v Hillary
Sure there is a movement to elevate Warren.  With ZERO military or foreign affairs experience,  – ZERO experience fighting corruption, crime or terrorism,  – and a broken moral compass,  – she would be the perfect George Soros / World Socialist TOOL!

Why doesn’t the Herald point that out?

4 Responses to “Herald Pimps The Squaw – AGAIN!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    The media has fallen to the depths where it is more important to sensationalize a story than actually do a little investigative journalism. If George Soros has even infiltrated the faux conservative media, we are doomed, because the low/no information voters actually believe what they read. Critical thinking is not in their vocabulary nor in their DNA.

  2. Walter Knight

    Warren is the ‘peace’ candidate the liberals really want. I hope she gets the nomination, it will be a landslide against her like the McGovern defeat back in the day.

  3. Hawk1776

    I sincerely hope Warren is the Democratic presidential candidate. She would be crushed in the most lopsided election since Nixon beat McGovern. She will carry Massachusetts, as did McGovern, but the rest of the country is feed up with leftists.

    This woman is fraud. She defeated Scott Brown by fabricating “war on women”. She claims Indian heritage but has no proof. She practiced law in Massachusetts without a license. She has a net worth of $10M but purports to be for the little people. It’s too late for her to seal her records like Obama did so everything is subject to public scrutiny. Run Lizzie run!

  4. KarenG

    An interesting “change” on the Herald website…you can now only comment on sports articles — if you have an opinion on an story about politics SORRY — no comments allowed…not sure who, or what, is behind this recent development.