Henderson, Nevada: 25,000+ Trumpers Gather

Posted September 14th, 2020 by Iron Mike

In utter defiance of Nevada’s Democrap governor Sisolak’s ban on gatherings,  Trump held his second Nevada rally in a warehouse in Henderson.

There were 5,500 inside – and an estimated 20,000+ outside.

Democraps look down on Republicans and Conservatives,  – they think we’re too dumb to understand complex issues.

Problem is,   – few issues are really complex.   There is good vs evil,  wrong vs right,  common sense vs unicorns, lollipop trees, and climate change….

Too bad Democrats always pick the wrong sides….and want us to pay for it.

Governor Sisolak was ripshit,  – called Trump’s Henderson rally ‘reckless and selfish’;  the city of Henderson is threatening to fine the warehouse owners….

Anything to thwart Republicans and Trump!


One Response to “Henderson, Nevada: 25,000+ Trumpers Gather”

  1. jim

    I certainly hope that rallies are a strong indicator of what will happen on 11/3. Here in FL the Trumpers are rabid in their support. They gather on corners several days a week. And the frequency and number of locations increases each week as the election looms.
    Personally I think it’ll be a landslide in Trump’s favor. I don’t think there will be sufficient fraud for the Dems to win. Oh, they’ll try, but they’ll run out of time.
    It’s time for Sleepy Joe to go to sleep and let the election roll over him.