Help ID This Left-Wing Thug!

Posted July 5th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Imagine sitting with your teenage friends in a San Antonio Whataburger,  when a butt-sore left-wing thug snatches off your MAGA hat,  and flings his drink in your face,  and walks out with your hat.

San Antonio police are looking for this dude. Video

He’s a husky dude – possibly of mixed Middle Eastern origin…?

CAUTION:  foul language…

San Antonio Non-Emergency Number:  210  207-7273

UPDATE:    Thurs, 5 July 2018    Kino Jimenez has been identified and fired from his part-time bartending job.

What’cha gonna’ do when they come for you…?

6 Responses to “Help ID This Left-Wing Thug!”

  1. Mike O'Neill

    He’s been identified. Fired from the bar where he worked. Not sure about charges but I’ll bet that’s coming.

  2. Mt Woman

    I would try to get him for theft as well assault and battery. Firing is the least that should happen to him.

  3. MC

    Wonder if this idiot is one of Maxine’s supporters.

    This is the statement from the young Trump supporter.

    Told by the violated teen, (deleted name) via news4santonio, ‘I support my President and if you don’t, let’s have a conversation about it instead of ripping my hat off. I just think a conversation about politics is more productive for the entire whole rather than taking my hat and yelling subjective words to me’.

    What do I gleam from the above statement: Thank You God, there is hope for our Republic for a future.

  4. Panther 6

    Sadly this bully is the tip of the iceberg thanks to the likes of Maxine Waters and the whole LEFT WING CABAL! More of this to come unless they hammer this turkey!


    Our Freedoms are only guaranteed for so long as we individually and collectively are willing to DEFEND THEM Sir!

    Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans better be ready to get physical, – because the Socialist Left is already using the strong-arm tactics of Hitler’s 1920s Sturmabteilung.

    This coward – who bragged on social media that at age 30 he was in the best shape of his life – was brave enough to pick on high-school kids.

  5. General Washington

    They should do a FULL IMMIGRATION CHECK on this scumbag.. make sure he’s either a citizen or in this country LEGALLY with a valid visa.

    IF NOT, then he needs to be SHIPPED BACK TO MEXICO where he belongs

  6. Kojack

    These lefties are LIKE COMMON CRIMINALS are ALL COWARDS that’s why their favorite tactics are bullying smaller, weaker or outnumbered individuals and vandalism.

    Mike and Panther are correct. No one is fighting back to any great degree so as they get bolder AS ALL BULLIES DO things are going to get more physical whether we like it or not. If you choose not to carry a firearm, then at least consider pepper spray or a taser. Legally you’re required to get a permit for those items here in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSETTS but you can go over the border and buy them at any Walmart in NH.


    2 years ago after a series of rape/murders, even our Socialist MassHole legislators suddenly made mace and pepper spray LEGAL here. For $10.oo – you can be ARMED!