Hello Charlie,

Posted September 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

You ~ may ~ remember our 2010 meeting in Boxborough…. You seemed too busy then to answer serious questions.  2010 didn’t go too well….
 2014 Mass Gov Race
Recently some of your 2014 campaign emails have been forwarded to me, so now is your chance….

Where do you stand on the 2nd Amendment and Massachusetts Gun Laws? Are you aware of the 50+ new laws currently before the Legislature?

Where do you stand on the Death Penalty?2010 vote for Gov

Where do you stand on ObamaCare?

What’s your plan for our $103 Billion State Debt?

Where do you stand on Agenda 21?

Where do you stand on Common Core?

Where do you stand on the teaching of the GLBT agenda in public schools?

As of today, who would be your top three picks for LtGov?2010 vote results

As of today, who are your top 3 picks to replace Andrea CabralDo you know who she is?

What are your thoughts on the 40B laws?

Where do you stand on the enactment of the Journalist Shield Law?

Deval Patrick has been very soft on illegal aliens – even ones who commit violent crimes and EBT fraud. How would you deal with the issue?

Our current Attorney General –  Martha Coakley seems reluctant to go after corrupt Democrats.  She may end up running against you for that corner office. As governor – how would YOU deal with the generationally corrupt democrats in state government?   Would you appoint a Special Prosecutor?

What three (3) specific things make you a REAL Republican?

Seems like there’s plenty of time now, – think you can find an hour?


/s/  Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

address the issues

If you don’t still have my number Charlie, – the Mouseketeer does!

Coakley 2014UPDATE: Sun 15 Sept 2013   Boy did I call this one!  Charlie, here she comes, – she thinks you’re low-hanging fruit.  Despite all her warts and baggage, she’s taking you head on!

You got a PLAN?  Do you KNOW the ISSUES?


UPDATE:  Friday 20 Sept 2013  –  Charlie [or his staff] has had a week to answer – so it’s time to let you know where you can ask for yourself.

Bakers new Campaign HQ is at 1505 Commonwealth Ave – 5th Floor, Boston 02135

Phone:  617 848-8887   email:  baker@redcurve.net

Baker has had 2½ years to contemplate his loss to Deval Patrick – and figure out his political and economic positions.  You’d think he’d be raring to go…   Hello?  Anybody home?

11 Responses to “Hello Charlie,”

  1. Jim Ettwein

    Cue the sounds of crickets. I doubt he’d respond to your excellent questions. He either wouldn’t know how to answer, or wouldn’t want to commit to answering. It’s sad that politicians today cannot be bothered to tell us their positions, yet they expect our vote. And then, when elected, they do that famous — vote my conscience thingie. No wonder MA is in such a sorry state.

  2. Tom

    Let the count begin – tick tick tick tick. These are only the basic questions that any serious candidate should not only answer, but they should all be in his stump speech. We need a real reformer who will clean up the EBT fraud, expunge the illegals, get rid of Agenda 21 and make some changes in the Department of Public Safety as well as repealing the forever gas tax among other change, bug not the status quo.
    I agree with Jim, most candidates are afraid to offend someone. It is about time the offense begins.

  3. sad4magop

    Build a time machine. Set the time for January 2015. We can be rid of Hughes and Baker when we get there. Otherwise, we’re wasting our time until then.

  4. Pinko Foe

    Excellent points. Principles matter and the conviction to stand by and articulate said principles will win the day. Brown failed at both. True conservatives just won by huge majorities in Socialist Norway and progressive/socialist Australia. Go figure.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I doubt there will be a real Republican candidate this go around. Period. Charlie Baker is your typical progressive Republican. That’s why he’s so evasive. Make me think twice about voting.

  6. Charlie Chapman

    I don’t think God is quite done with the Republic just yet. But that’s no reason to permit the dismantling of America – beginning with recapturing education from the America-haters, which ultimately requires recapturing the teacher’s colleges from the “Progressives”. Meanwhile a stubborn refusal to let our society be warped out of recognition by internationalists must go on, by being irrationally loyal to the Bill of Rights, no matter how persistent the Constitution’s enemies are.

  7. Charlie Chapman

    It’s about time the party of Lincoln and Liberty stopped being collegial with the Dems, stood up on its two flat feet and howled defiance at the current crop of anti-Americans.

  8. Sam Adams

    Agree entirely with Charlie Chapman.
    Here’s 2 more:
    1. Are you still to the left of Obama on the social issues?
    2. Do you plan on continuing to be supportive of sodomy by marching in the “gay pride” parade again?

  9. Jim Buba

    Seems to be a waste of time. Baker can’t and won’t answer the questions. However, in the event he needs a little help, I’m answering them as so much a primer or study guide:

    1) Defund and Delete. The Mass Health system must also be eliminated in all its forms. Net savings to the tax payer will be in excess of $3.4Billion statewide, annually. Invocation of competition rules, health care will experience a full recovery by 2016… just in time for the National Elections.

    2) In following 1) above, several thousand psuedo-executive state hack jobs will be eliminated in addition to the Casino and Coal commissions. All efforts to fully fund the bloated pension system will be attempted. Failing full recovery, they too will be privatized in every way. Better returns for the participants and should they; shudder, fail miserably, it then will not be a burden upon the citizens of Massachusetts.

    3) United Nations Agenda-21 is a terrorist plot to subvert local, state and national authority over every aspect of business and life. Since all participants that take the hook, baited with large, unsustainable grant sums, the underlying truth is that the local citizens wake up tomorrow to discover that they no longer have LEGAL RIGHTS to the quiet enjoyment of their personal property.

    4) Common Core will only serve to further reduce Massachusetts public (and some private) schools to a new low-level of instruction. Already, the only achievements for Common Core are to eliminate U.S. History from the curriculum. Together with reduction in performance scales, the low-level of achievement has propped up Massachusetts student performance that it may appear a success, but it is not. Our students deserve the best. Instead, the Core serves to improve and increase teacher salary and benefits. One need look no further than Suffolk University’s Beacon Hill Institute reports regarding the value of using higher teacher (and union) wages to combat illiteracy and failing science. If there is any truth to the fact that Massachusetts indeed has a ‘solid core of highly educated and skilled workers’, it is because they are all foreigners immigrating to the U.S. to take top slots in Massachusetts-based businesses and NOT because our state is producing an excess of ‘highly educated and skilled’ workers from our own student populations.

    5) GBLT initiatives in any school system are BAD IDEAS. They teach nothing and certainly nothing of value.

    6) Ms. Cabral is the first and should be the last person elected or appointed to any public position merely because of her race or skin color. Perhaps former Lowell, MA Police Superintendent Kenneth Lavalee should be at the top of the list to replace her, but that choice is reliant upon a person that is well-qualified and not merely politically connected.

    7) Massachusetts Chapter 40B laws should be fully gutted to return and maintain control over land use and zoning to the individual 351 cities and towns without pre-condition and without regard to population or other socio-economic pressures from afar. An autocrat in Boston knows nothing, if anything, and certainly knows nothing of value to determine by statistical manipulation about that which the people of Florida, MA should or must do with their plans for development or preservation. Hot on the heels of the full redress or repeal of 40B laws must come the debate to restructure or eliminate the Trustees of the Reservation in the Commonwealth.

    8) Fully support, lobby and pass legislation to eliminate the state-sanctioned threat against the Free Press. Long lost in Massachusetts; and soon everywhere else in the United States, a free press is one of the most important keystones of a free society. Many other Massachsuetts statutes and instructions to the Clerks and Courts must be re-written to eliminate bias and bribery that handcuffs writers, journalists and bloggers everywhere. For the people to rationally and reasonably choose, they must be armed with the best of information. That ‘best’ has been reduced and eliminated by state-sanctioned prohibition against the Press and on its face is unconstitutional.

    9) EBT is generally funded by Federal Grants which must never be used to uphold or sustain a state program of any sort. If by design then, the reduction and elimination of these funds require a vast reduction or elimination of any Massachusetts Welfare program, then of course it will follow that it will be done at the expense of those who do not otherwise qualify for any subsistence as Citizens of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts FIRST.

    10) Fear not. Corrupt Democrats will run like rats from the fire when Republicans are rightfully placed into the majority of the Legislature. As Governor, every effort will be made; no stone unturned, in the exhaustive lobbying and support of every means to identify, investigate and bring to justice those individuals that are best described as a pox on society in our state.

    A) FISCAL RELIABILITY: Spend not one cent beyond the capacity of taxpayers to pay.
    B) LIMITED GOVERNMENT: Fewer administrators and better managment. We have gone too far off the right track, but not so far that getting Back to Basics will be a huge success.
    C) RESTORE our CONSTITUTION and fully support the restoration of our U.S. Constitution and the rights contained therein for Citizens; Citizenship, like membership, has its privileges.

    James J. Buba
    Frederick Douglass Republican
    Lowell, MA

  10. Sam Adams

    The problem is that no matter who we vote for, we’re getting a progressive.