Hell Of A Job Runty!

Posted November 7th, 2012 by Iron Mike

I can’t even bring myself to write about the disaster that has befallen our Young Republic today.  The nation I have known for seven decades may be crumbling before me.

The government dependents now outnumber and outvote the workers!

Here in Massachusetts, Runty Maginn can claim credit for sending a new Democrat to the US Senate, – for saving all the incumbent congress critters – and sending a new dynasty of Kennedys into the history books.  Young JPKIII will likely run to fill Lurch’s soon-to-be-empty seat.

Hell of a job Runty!  You did NO BETTER than Party Chair Barbie! 

When the dust settles we may have LOST some seats in the State House.  You’ve just made Deval Patrick look like a presidential contender for 2016.

Guess you’re not going to be Ambassador to China.  Libya maybe…

You stiff-armed the TEA Party, and relied on the old-guard RiNOs.  How’d that work out?  Ask Scott Brown – who needs to look quickly for a new job.

I can’t wait for any of the ‘old guard’ to start telling us what we can’t campaign on, – since you’ve all proven yourselves such experts at politics.

Since taking over the MassGOP 11 months ago Bob – what have you accomplished?

Where was that state-wide Republican Message that our state-wide candidates and our town committees could point to?  Where was the campaign financing you promised? 

Is our MassGOP in better shape tonight than when you took over that fateful Thursday night in December?

You’ve left us in ruins Bob!  Obama is about to rule like a dictator.  We’re about to become a socialist state no different than Europe – with the Chinese telling us what to do.  Hell of a job!

Republicans, – we can ~ maybe ~ claw our way back from this disaster, but it will take every last ounce of your courage. 

The first step is to rise up and tell these frigging RiNOs to go to HELL! 

And you’re going to have to recruit some young blood into the Party – these old farts just aren’t getting the job done.

7 Responses to “Hell Of A Job Runty!”

  1. Fortunate Son

    Calm down Mike, it’s almost as if you don’t have a sense of history. Remember back to 2004 when a weak, bumbling, incompetent president who got us into a god awful mess looked like a sure one term proposition? And the opposition floated a strong challenger with good credentials and tough talk and experience? What did the incumbent’s party do? Turned the challenger’s greatest strength into his weakness….and then let America’s willingness to hedge their bets and stick with the incumbent ride the incumbent all the way to (undeserved) victory. This is merely the flip side and an expression of standard American cynicism. You can’t expect the GOP to mount a serious attack on an entrenched President. Typically its always the ‘fresh contest’ with no incumbent that brings out the strongest candidates. Maybe Tancredo in 2016? I say Gary Johnson, myself. He’s no big money shill and no dynasty boy either. And he has Executive experience that wasn’t BS like Romney’s (as if he could have done anything in this state that was considered a bipartisan achievement….he had no choice. ) Now how about you enjoy life for the next few years instead of spending your last few wringing your hands in front of a PC? What a waste. This Republic has been failing since Jefferson beat Adams…her people will abide. Honestly I’d like to see a little more gratitude and optimism from those who would lead this Republic to greatness (by publishing acerbic blogs and comments everywhere). Living is the best revenge….and this computer stuff ain’t living.

  2. Karen G

    The first RiNO that needs to go to hell is Chris Christie. He plays Mr. Tough Guy until faced with a real problem like a huuricane, at which point he jumps ship with all the life vests, and turns into a kow-towimg, bear-hugging, teary-eyed star-struck LOSER. Fool me once…

  3. TeaTime

    The MassGOP is a country club…always putting up RINOs – even Brown promoted himself as an independent voice. Fine Scottie – run as an independent! Instead they shun true conservatives and the Tea Party –

    Feel that slap in the face!

  4. Shirley Johnson

    Why can’t the MassGOP take the time and effort to recruit more members? Why can’t the MassGOP take the time to register new voters? Why can’t the MassGOP work hard to take back Massachusetts? Bob Maginn’s rallying cry when he first took office sounded a great deal like Obama’s…I can walk on water, together we can do great things, I will make the heavens and the earth better with my existence. He delivered nothing. All we got was the sound of crickets.

    We need hard working, intelligent, and crafty people that are ready to roll up their sleeves on day one and not stop until the Republicans outnumber the Democrats!

    They don’t want real Republicans in their little club Shirley, – they want RiNOs like themselves.

    They are pointedly RUDE to conservatives – often won’t even announce meetings.

    They are mostly pro-gay [as opposed to neutral], pro-marijuana, pro-gambling, pro-abortion, and generally indifferent to world events. And of course they don’t want to offend anybody…except Conservatives and the TEA Party.

  5. Jim Buba

    Firstly, I wish to thank everyone here that supported our campaign.

    Secondly, To those of us who find it difficult to accept the reality of the count as compared to the numbers of people around us that make it seem that the count may be in error; the solution is to increase the number of those around us to best the numbers of the count.

    I haven’t had this much fun feeling bad since Herman Cain dropped out of the race.

    Dry your tears, take a deep breath. Local elections are a year away and other important seats come up in 2014. Looking forward to 2016, the time to build the missing foundation is right now.

    If asked, decline comment with grace and stay focused on the future.

    Nothing more is expected. It may or may not get tougher, but that is life and that is what we signed up for.

    ((Please excuse the dangling participle))


  6. Kojack

    We are seeing the results of the assault on traditional American values and ethics perpetrated on our society by hollywood and academia. Now the electorate is composed mostly of low-lifes who want more stuff paid for by other peoples’ money.

  7. Kim

    There is a lot to digest and reflect on; then, it’s time for serious evaluation of the State Party. I couldn’t help but wonder how things would have turned out if Frank McNamara won the Chair seat and there would have been more focus on the grassroots. I did see some improvement in the State party, as far as donations to candidates; but, we are still sorely lacking on grassroots resources, and I do not mean cash. I mean training and focus for those who are asking for it. I’ve been begging for gotv training for poll watchers for over a year from anyone who would listen. No response except ‘we can’t do that, don’t even try’. Nice! They have no concept that there are towns who were prepared to do that. Our only option was sharing The Progressive Playbook on gotv and doing what we could. Also, some State Committee members abandoned local races to work for Senator Brown exclusively. The State Party can only focus on one race at a time, apparently. Need a breather, then it’s time to began the next battle.