Hear About The Battle Of Calais?

Posted February 4th, 2018 by Iron Mike

There is a huge migrant camp – established by the French to ~ try ~ and control the flow of African,  Middle Eastern,  and South Asians,  – mostly young men – who are passing through France to get their welfare benefits in Britain.  It has become a hell-hole.

Last week there was all-out war between the ethnic factions,  – competing for food and for the best spots to jump on a train headed through the Chunnel.  Once in England they’re unlikely to be deported.

You didn’t hear about the fighting – where shots were fired,  and a 16-yr old youth lost an eyeball,…because our MSM (Propaganda Ministry) doesn’t want to utter a single unkind word about ‘these poor refugees’.

These are the goons Obama, Hillary, and Lurch (and Acton’s JamieBoy) were trying to bring here – by the hundreds of thousands….

Anything to water down the Conservative vote and minimize the influences of Western Culture and Christianity.

Right now the ONLY thing saving England from being totally overrun is the English Channel, and that damned tunnel is letting too many in.

And of course there are always the simple-minded traitors….like JamieBoy….

If we don’t get the WALL – SOON – you’d better buy lots more ammo!

One Response to “Hear About The Battle Of Calais?”

  1. Kojack

    Maybe the majority will kill each other before they get here and we can just pick off the ones that survive. These are the savages Katie Hopkins was speaking of.