Have Minneapolis Police IDed The Arsonist?

Posted July 30th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Minneapolis burned for days,  and under the leadership of their boy mayor Jacob Frey the city council moved forward with plans to DEFUND their police force.  The cops meanwhile were being far more professional…

With the media filling the country with tales of “Outside Agitators” causing all the trouble, arson investigators searched social media for clues,  worked with ATF,   – and finally got a break – an emailed tip.

The arsonist is a local white boy – with a criminal record of violence and racist attacks against Blacks and Muslims…

His twisted motivation ~ appears ~ to be to start trouble,  – where Blacks would be blamed. It worked.  The fire he started inspired others – in Minneapolis and nationwide,  and Blacks did start many of the others.

This is an unfolding story,  – you can be sure the left-wing media will gleefully seize upon the fact that the arsonist is a racist young white man.

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