Hating Trump While Going Broke

Posted July 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

Illinois has been without a budget for years, Connecticut has a $2.3 Billion deficit, and California is bankrupt for the second time, – so bad they might start paying state workers in Pesos.
Mind you, California’s ‘super-smart governor Jerry “MoonBeam’ Brown managed to ‘miscalculate costs for the state’s MediCal program by $1.9 Billion’ last year;   – but WITHHELD that information from the State Legislature.  Result?  Vehicle registration fees now triple – triggered by a law passed the last time the state was bankrupt.

In Connecticut Democrat Governor Dan Malloy is trying to run a Sanctuary State for illegals – even as his state loses both population and industry.  Thinking people and profitable industries are fleeing. The City of Hartford is bankrupt.

In Illinois things are grim.  Chicago is a war zone, and Powerball and Mega Millions has been suspended.

All these states have things in common.   Years of Democrat Party rule – where even the occasional Republican Governor was weak.  Connecticut’s “Republican” governor Rowland served two prison terms…

In all these states the politics and the corruption grew so pervasive that industries left,  taking their tax revenue with them.  But state legislatures kept making budgets as if last year’s receipts would still be rolling in.

And thinking people left in droves.  Even retired government workers (lifelong Democrats mostly) found cheaper states for their retirement years.

Finally,  governments there focused on entirely the wrong priorities.  MoonBeam wants California to be a Sanctuary State – with a disarmed population – and bi-lingual government.

Brown is resisting Trump’s attempt to reconcile voter rolls in time for the 2018 elections – because it would reveal he’s allowed millions of illegals to register and vote.

So watch these three states – and a few others.   While Democrats are so very busy hating Trump, – they’re letting the very folks who elected them down – badly.  Soon Police and Fire Departments will be forced into big layoffs, just in time for summer riots.

And of course their instincts are to look to Washington for a bailout.

But in Washington the Democrats have been marching to the Tune of Chuck Schumer – singing “Russians Under His Bed”,  so Trump may be in a mood to make a deal – but not just bail them out.

If you live in California,  Connecticut,  or Illinois,…we’re sorry!

4 Responses to “Hating Trump While Going Broke”

  1. Walter Knight

    California and Illinois are important states. We cannot just isolate them. Their leaders need to be indicted if possible so new leadership can take over.

  2. BEN

    Maybe the Hollywood Elites will bail out California if they haven’t left yet.


  3. Hawk1776

    California, Illinois and Connecticut are important states. Before feeling sorry for the residents, I want to understand the solution. We may all be sorry.

  4. Kojack

    DEMOCRAP cities and states MUST be allowed to fail and not bailed out.

    The ELITE LIBTURDS will save them only on the condition that it is with somebody else’s money. That must not be allowed to happen.

    Liberalism is indeed a mental disorder, a la Michael Savage, and the current electorate will not learn, they will continue voting the same way they always have. The only way to stop this cycle is to take back the schools and teach REAL U.S. history and civics.