Has Wall Street Finally Woken Up?

Posted February 25th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Joe Biden is a career cheat,  plagiarizer,  grifter,  and kleptocrat, – who now is obviously suffering from dementia….

After 5 weeks of denial and rising stocks,  have the big money investors begun to sell off – while they can…?
How long before Joe is blundering through his first big international crisis – advised by VP Kneepads…? 

Friday,….the market bleeding continues…

Dow has dropped 1,029 points – in just 2 days…

Brace yourselves Folks – at least read Amendment XXV, Section 4,…and know what to expect…

BTW,  Biden bombed “rebel camps” in Syria Thursday….

Do you ~ think ~ the Iranians might be pissed…?

One Response to “Has Wall Street Finally Woken Up?”

  1. Blossom Stiefel

    We spent the last four years comfortable knowing that President Trump was always working hard to make our country great for all of our citizens. This Biden Administration is working to destroy all that is good for our country and our citizens.

    In his short time in office, Biden has managed to kill the lucrative U.S. energy industry and make us dependent on foreign oil from our enemies again. Kill the Keystone XL pipeline, kill oil, coal, natural gas, fracking and all that he can to decimate our economy, and destroy millions of high-paying jobs.

    This is just for starters, it is not a surprise that Wall Street and many investors are waking up to what appears to be the destruction of our country. The Democrats’ reckless and radical agenda is putting America last. Everyone will suffer.