Has Obama Hit A Brick Wall?

Posted January 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

23 OrdersAnnounces 23 ‘gun control’ Executive Orders – but stays [barely] within the Constitution.

Why didn’t he go all the way
   – and sign an UNconstitutional ban?

Has he realized that by over-reacting to tragedies committed by madmen– he has spurred gun owners, patriots, and concerned citizens in a way ObamaCare never did?  Has he seen the polls?  Has he realized he’s the best firearms salesman this country ever had?

Did he realize his unpolular pronouncements were coming at the same time as the increases in withholding tax? 

Obama signs EOsHe spoke without schoolchildren behind him.  Somebody must be talking sense to him.

He DID have kids around him as he signed his Executive Orders.  

But mostly today his actions were symbolic – not substantive.  He’s thrown the hot potato to Congress and the American people.  He ~ may ~ have a new campaign issue – but mostly he’s tossed some red meat to liberals – and done nothing but piss off American patriots.

To me – he seemed underwhelming and underpowered today.  Almost as if he just got some really bad news at breakfast.  

Judge for yourself – but this is not the firebrand socialist we saw on the 2012 campaign trail.


3 Responses to “Has Obama Hit A Brick Wall?”

  1. Walter Knight

    You are assuming Obama cares. He does not care about solving anything or any issue. His agenda is to steal as much money as possible (redistrubuting the wealth locally, nationally, and globally – reparations) while still in office. After Obama leaves office, he will be making $100,000+ per speach, a payoff for favors rendered.

    Upon retirement, Obama will be in his element, doing what he does best: being a community organizer (running his mouth) creating issues and emergencies, but not having real solutions. It’s all about the shakedown.

  2. DannaP

    Every dictator in civilization has used children as pawns in their political aspirations to become what they believe to be . . . “the anointed one.” This is just the beginning. Look for Pied Piper like followings with military style indoctrination into the false hopes he promises.

  3. Prim

    The present pResident always amazes me that he wants background checks on everyone else but yet he sealed his records the first day in office.