Has Liz Cheney Taken Mind-Altering Drugs?

Posted February 7th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Back home in Wyoming – the GOP has already REBUKED and CENSURED this loose cannon for her House vote to impeach Trump.

Now,  gleefully egged on by never-Trumper Chris Wallace,  – she doubles down,  – says there is a MASSIVE CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION underway…

Who will be doing that “investigation” Liz?

The same FBI that said Russian whores had given him a Golden Shower in Moscow…?

Knowledgeable RRB readers will astutely note that the left-wing media is now stirring the pot,  – to get Trump charged and convicted with a crime.

Fox has joined the plot.

They don’t want to write about China Joe’s failing mental acuity,  – or about the sordid past of VP Kneepads….

…so they’ll try to stir the pot and see if somebody will charge Trump with inciting a riot or even treason….

Conservatives and Patriots should be keeping a LIST.

There will come a time for reckoning and accountability;  – and while people like Chris Wallace never took an OATH, – people like Liz Cheney DID!

One Response to “Has Liz Cheney Taken Mind-Altering Drugs?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Oath? I have… several times. I’ve also witnessed several breaking that same Oath and they have paid the requisite price.

    Then there are the democrats and RINOs who have escaped prosecution.

    Sour taste it is