Has Kevin McAleenan Betrayed Us All?

Posted June 24th, 2019 by Iron Mike

It seems there are a LOT of people in the Trump Administration marching to their own drummers, – giving barely faint lip service to the man that hired them and the Nation they are sworn to serve.
First it was Jeff Sessions,  then James Comey,  – then Rex Tillerson,  then Sally Yates,  Rachel Brand,  Andrew McCabe, 
Kirstjen Nielsen,  and Rod Rosenstein.

If the news reports are true, either Kevin himself – or somebody very close to him leaked detailed plans to the media of impending ICE Raids last week?

We have to ask,  – why do so many so-called hard-core law enforcement types seem to have a soft spot for illegal immigrants,  – and in particular for the ones already convicted of serious crimes?

Whoever leaked – Kevin or a subordinate – they acted in a truly cowardly manner.

If they opposed the operation on either an operational level – or on a philosophical level,  – the manly thing would have been to walk into the Oval Office and resign in person to the President.

If McAleenan never really wanted to be a Cabinet Secretary – never wanted to be responsible for the Mission and the Men (and Women),   – he should have declined the promotion and stayed with Customs and Border Patrol.

Leaking to the left-wing media is the act of a craven coward,  – someone unworthy of the trust our Nation and our President placed in him.

Trump should give McAleenan 24 hours to clear out his desk, and meanwhile have AG Bill Barr question him under oath.

It’s time for some of these traitors to see the inside of prisons,  – prisons full of violent illegal immigrants.

3 Responses to “Has Kevin McAleenan Betrayed Us All?”

  1. ST

    Live Stream: We Build the Wall – Wall-A-Thon: Day 1


  2. GreenBeretLTC@gmail.com

    Sadly, there are stink fish holdover scum bags from previous administrations deeply entrenched throughout the administration who are wanton to do Trump harm. But equally sadly, the fish usually rots from the head back…..

    In a move unusual for a Liberal, Truman vetoed the National Labor Relations Act, which essentially set up a whole range of “get out of jail free cards” for a myriad of wayward federal employees. And in more unusual moves, it was a Republican House that wrote the bill and a Republican Senate that passed it and eventually overrode the veto, setting up the almost impossible disciplinary and removal environment the President and responsible directors and managers face today.

  3. Sherox

    There are far more who are part of the deep state who need to be permanently removed. The President needs someone who is really on his side who is not going to BS him.