Has American Common Sense Died?

Posted November 17th, 2020 by Iron Mike

The sheer in-your-face arrogance of the left since Election Day is mind-numbing!   Any one of them is a bad joke,  – but taken together the left seems to be testing the limits of our patience and our restraint.  Have they never read our Constitution?  Do they think they can survive or even win the revolt they are inciting?

4 Responses to “Has American Common Sense Died?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Zieg Hiel!

    The blood spilled is just color added to the bloodless coup

    “..When will we ever learn.”

  2. Leonard Mead

    To acquire “common sense,” one first has to have been TAUGHT some. The rogues galley of billionaire leftists you show are rich but dangerous believers in socialism.

    The lurid truth of how democrats are trying to steal Trump’s re-election is now coming to light.

    The frightening picture is going to be clarified, THANK GOD, in coming lawsuits with proof our courts will have to accept.

    Some boring details show below, but let’s make things simple:

    • democrats gleefully planned to use Dominion voting machines to rig our last election and elect criminal Biden so he could force socialism and power for democrats on our beautiful Republic.
    • Dominion voter fraud machines gather the vote data, send results to Canada, then Barcelona Spain – where they are manipulated so as to disguise the fraud — and then returned overnight back to the USA. Crazy, eh? Just hold on for the truth, my friends.
    • democrats intentionally used the Chinese virus to justify sending out 80 million “live,” unrequested ballots (it’s so you can vote at home without dying of the virus!!) providing crooked democrat strongholds all across the country with added ballot stuffing and vote manipulating abilities also coming to light daily. In 2016 the “vote” tally was 139 million by comparison.

    Hold on for justice, conservative friends. It won’t come from our own Department of Justice Department, where Barr and Durham are failing to release any criminal findings or prosecute ANY of the deep state traitors.

    But justice will come.

    Len Mead

  3. Kojack

    “Have they never read our Constitution? Do they think they can survive or even win the revolt they are inciting?”

    They are not citizens of the USA. They are some of the motley apparatchiks of the USSA and they are emboldened because they have never been held accountable.

    The beginning of the armed phase of CW2 is fast approaching, it will make CW1 look like a training exercise. This can still be avoided if the law is enforced QUICKLY but the will to that seems to be lacking.

  4. Stubby Buddy

    Read the Executive Order from September 2018 on foreign election interference. These anti-American scum will soon be orange-suited paupers. With plenty of company.