Has A Chinese Test Started A War?

Posted September 16th, 2019 by Iron Mike

For over 80 years the Soviets (the Russians) field-tested military technology and tactics – even leadership, – by exporting it to be used in Third World wars….  They learned a lot from the blood of people they cared nothing about.  Lately the Chinese have been doing the same thing.
Now guided drone technology developed in China – exported to Iran – and recklessly used (maybe) by Houthi rebels in Yemen may have the Middle East on the verge of a regional war.

Who made the Drones and WHO really launched them?

The Chinese interest in the Middle East is simply OIL! The Chinese have detested Muslims (all varieties) for over 1,000 years, – but they need OIL to keep their newly industrialized nation alive. So they’ll smile and buy from the Twelvers – who need to sell oil to keep their economy alive.

Wanting to field-test their new cruise missile and drone technology against a real-world target, the Chinese may have miscalculated…

…and the Iranians ~ may ~ have been able to reverse-engineer some Chinese-supplied drones, and build a sizable fleet of them – to use themselves or to hand over to the Houthis in Yemen.

What we don’t know yet – is whether the final targeting was done by agents on the ground (perhaps laser designated) – or by a much more sophisticated satellite guidance / GPS system. Whichever – it is a BIG wake-up notice for Western military planners.

The Chinese have been at the drone-swarm game for awhile now – using US money (trade imbalance) and US Technology (stolen) to develop undersea, surface, and airborne drones. This video is them showing off a few years ago.

For our Navy,  the question would be could an aircraft carrier task group hold off simultaneous swarms of drone submarines, surface craft, and airborne drones, – without having a ship struck and sunk?

The QUESTION applies to operations in the Western Pacific and in the Middle East.

Watch this clip and think of bigger drones carrying 500 lb warheads.

The world has just observed the first major use of this technology in international warfare. It may set the Middle East ablaze and send the price of OIL through the roof for Europe and Asia.

Thank God and Trump we have enough oil for our own use.

The Chinese may not have envisioned that their Iranian Twelver clients would be quite so bold as to cripple 50% of the Saudi oil infrastructure. But ALL wars start on miscalculations.

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  1. Walter Knight

    Iran has consistently tried to influence US elections with provocations. Starting a war next year is likely, and liberal Democrat traitors will back Iran if it will hurt President Trump.