Harvard University: “Impose Upon Others”

Posted January 6th, 2015 by Iron Mike

ObamaCare returns to the campus of Harvard University like a homing torpedo with it’s rudder stuck on full left turn.
Harvard gets ObamaCare

According to a plethora of reports – the learned [and very arrogant] faculty of America’s oldest university thought ObamaCare was a wonderful idea for insuring ‘the little people’ – the ones Jonathan Gruber told us were ‘too stupid’ to figure out that it was a tax – a redistribution of money from working people to layabouts…

And now they have learned that their ‘Cadillac Plan’ is going to cost them more – and they’ll pay the Cadillac Tax on it.
Harvard Weeping and Gnashing over ObamaCare

You can hear the weeping and gnashing of teeth all the way across the Charles as you drive down Soldier’s Field Road.

I guess the Karma Snake escaped from their bio-lab – and is slithering around campus – biting liberal know-it-alls in the ass….

Deadly Karma Snake

I wonder if this will make the last of those faded Obama 08 stickers disappear?

You can ‘educate’ arrogant people – but you can’t make them smart!

2 Responses to “Harvard University: “Impose Upon Others””

  1. Tom Gilroy

    “Let the little people suffer, but don’t you dare come unto me”, should replace the Veritas on Harvard’s logo.

  2. Kojack

    “….the ones Jonathan Gruber told us were ‘too stupid’ to figure out that it was a tax….”

    If Gruber was talking about the Obysmal supporters he was correct.

    The REGRESSIVES are the most stupid of all, however. Their ideas are so “new” that they were discussed by Aristotle who went on to correctly explain why they would fail.

    They keep trying the same things with new twists, ignoring the lessons of history and expecting them to work THIS TIME. An illustration of insanity at work.