Harvard Picks A White Obama Toady

Posted February 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

382 year old Harvard needed to replace their 1st Female President (Drew Faust x 11 years), – and in these anti-Trump times they picked former Tufts President Lawrence Bacow;  – despite pleas from students and faculty to go Black.

It doesn’t really matter much,  the school which produced 7 American presidents (
and the traitor Obama),  has been slowly sliding into the River Volga (the Charles) for these past 60 years.

Just 8 years ago Bacow quit Tufts to ‘serve’ (suck up to) Obama as a token white man on a board “to reinvigorate historically Black Colleges and Universities”.

So how’d that work out Larry? BLM?

Harvard, – your visionary and patriotic founders are rolling in their graves.

What can employers today expect if they hire a Harvard grad (4 years x $63K = $252K) – other than a young know-it-all thoroughly brainwashed in globalism,  socialism,  white guilt,  man-made global warming and the glories of artificial intelligence?

Morality, History, Economics, and our Constitution?  Not so much…

AFTERTHOUGHT:    Of course we’ll never know who the Search Committee actually reached out to or even considered;  – but among the names that are NOT about to be Harvard’s next president are:  ObamaJarrettHolderLynchSmall DevalJeh Johnson,…

….maybe because former Obama toady Janet Napolitano made such a stinking mess out of the University of California…?

WHY were students and faculty lobbying for a Black person to be named as Harvard’s next president?

Have young Americans been conditioned since kindergarten that ‘everybody must get a turn’  – despite knowledge,  ability,  or leadership?

Do young Americans now select from color pallets rather than by proven ability?  Would you chose your child’s brain surgeon based on gender and skin color,  – or by proven success in the Operating Room?

5 Responses to “Harvard Picks A White Obama Toady”

  1. Sherox

    Of course they do, Mike. What else would you expect from the brainwashed?

  2. Kojack

    “Have young Americans been conditioned since kindergarten that ‘everybody must get a turn’ – despite knowledge, ability, or leadership?”

    The question is rhetorical and thus answers itself.

    The millennials and generation X have been conditioned to disregard integrity and qualification in the interest of “fairness” national welfare be damned. Hopefully those among them who get the big picture will take over.

  3. Panther 6

    Well the question remains why did students argue for a black President rather than THE most qualified person applying regardless of gender or race? Answer is obvious, they are brainwashed into thinking that blacks are oppressed and the only way to change that is to place blacks in positions of leadership and authority where they can then right the perceived wrong. There shining example of this of course is Barack and Michelle. They did a lot for other blacks, right?? Right??? Oh, maybe not so much except for themselves.

  4. Mt Woman

    Surprised they didn’t pick Hillary Rodham Clinton, I hear she’s looking for a good job!

  5. Leonard Mead

    My father was president of Tufts for a while — I can affirm that the faculty lounge is NOT ON PLANET EARTH.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative