Harvard’s Disgrace

Posted May 25th, 2010 by Iron Mike

When the history of the Obama pResidency is finally written, and comes to lay on a shelf near the history of the John Roberts Court, there will be an embarrassing little historical footnote in both volumes.  That footnote will be that Harvard hired Elena Kagan as dean of their law school.

The 1 Million – to – 1 Applicant?

Ethics Mentor

There were well over 1,000,000 lawyers in the US back in 1999  when newly unemployed Clinton White House lawyer Elena was hired to teach Law at Harvard.  At that point she’d never worked at a real law firm,  never tried a case,  and may never have actually made an appearance before a judge in a courtroom.  So exactly what were her desirable qualities that made Harvard select her over 1,000,000 others?

What was Harvard looking for in 1999 when Kagan left that scandal plagued Clinton White House to become a “visiting professor” at Harvard.  What where they looking for in 2001 when they named her a full professor, or in 2003 when she was named the Law School’s first woman dean?

Let’s go with the obvious.  She is a woman [visibly vertically challenged], mostly round, single, Jewish, and by the measure of most of my male friends and acquaintances – she’s never won a beauty contest.  She has no visible handicaps. 

By 2003 she was 43 years old – and had never argued a case!!!  What could she possibly teach student lawyers from her personal experience?  What was the value added she brought to the party?  Was Harvard willing to make an investment in a glaringly under-qualified Dean in the hopes that some future liberal president would smile upon their graduates?  If so, their bet may be about to pay off big time.

So is this the new left-wing standard for national leadership?  We have a pResident who has never worked a real job, – never managed or led anything, – has associated with known crooks, gangsters, thugs, radicals, militants, – is probably foreign-born, and is without visible documentation.  Yet Americans elected him on two one-word slogans “Hope” and “Change”.

Now OBummer has nominated the relatively young and relatively inexperienced Ms. Kagan to sit on the Supreme Court -–where she’ll likely stay until her late 80s.  And her expertise, – her qualifications?   A lifetime of talking and writing about “the law” in terms of “what it should say”.  Kagan is your ideal candidate – if you want judges who overlook and ignore our Constitution and the Laws made by Congress, – and who decide issues and cases in terms of how they “feel” they should be decided. 

If our Young Republic survives OBummer, Sotomayor and Kagan, – it will not be until at least 2017 – and perhaps until 2021 that a reasonable Constitutional balance can be restored.

Does the “lesbian thing” matter?  Sure it does.  Kagan goes to the high bench with her mind already made up.  Despite Senator Scott Brown’s inane utterings last week, she is no friend of our military.  In her mind, her agenda is more important than national defense or a well-ordered and disciplined military.  But Gay America is breathless in anticipation. 

And Harvard’s disgrace?   From over 1,000,000 attorneys – some female, some gay, some short, some Jewish, some seasoned jurists, most with decades of real experience in real courtrooms, Harvard chose the short inexperienced social-issue token, – and lent her the prestige and credibility of the Harvard name. 

In some small measure Harvard University is a product of American Exceptionalism.  Founded as a school to train preachers, in recent decades Harvard has turned its back on religion.  Harvard grew prestigious, prosperous, and vastly wealthy over hundreds of years because of free market capitalism,  But for the past fifty years it been the quiet hotbed of Socialist America – the breeding ground for one-world liberals who want borders and nations erased, and your hard-earned wealth distributed, preferably by it’s enlightened grads. 

In short, having been a big part of building up America,  Harvard and it’s grads now lead the attack to destroy America from within.  To their eternal shame.  My father (’16) must be rolling in his grave.

  /s/  Iron Mike
  Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. MC

    This administration has a big problem with producing anything put debt.