Harry Reid Is A Snake!

Posted January 12th, 2014 by Iron Mike

If you take a poison snake as a pet, – it may bite you!
Screw You Vets
Harry Reid is 74 years old,  and has been on the public payroll since the 1960s.  He’s a Georgetown lawyer who never served in our military.

Today he is pursuing his socialist agenda in concert with Obama, Pelosi, and George Soros.  To Harry [aka “Skeletor”] illegal aliens are America’s future – not America’s Military Veterans.Senate Democrats
It’s ‘screw you’ time.  Close the World War II Memorial, – cut the veterans COLA, raise TriCare costs, – make disability applications much harder and process them as slowly as possible, – and count on more immigrant votes in the years to come than veteran votes.
Fools enough
Sign of an AssholeLook Ma,  I’m talking to Harry Reid!

I sure hope the damned fools who supported these lying back-stabbing ungrateful socialists are happy with their results!

Anybody in Nevada remember Sharron Angle?

9 Responses to “Harry Reid Is A Snake!”

  1. Panther 6

    Reid is worse than a snake. He can’t even talk like a real politician, he just sort of stumbles through each sound bite. How the voters in NV can re elect him is unfathomable but they do. And the result is further weakening and destruction of our nation. He is a disgrace.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    There are no words to describe Dirty Harry. The Dems and even some of the establishment Republicrats are so focused on the illegal aliens that every thing else is not even on their radar. The economic and political disaster than will ensue will be the death knell for the GOP, the taxpayers, and whatever is left of Obamacare.

  3. Walter Knight

    It always amazes me every time Harry Reid gets re-elected from Nevada, a reasonably conservative state where I used to live. I suspect voter fraud.


    Harry ( Munbles ) Reid is not only a snake, HE LIES. He f—ed the Vets cause there aren’t as many votes there as in the millions of criminal votes from Illegals. He’s a communist traitor of the highest order.

  5. Panther 6

    James nailed it. Thank you for your service. The Forgotten War is not forgotten among Nam Vets.

  6. Hawk1776

    Harry Reid is despicable. As long as he rules the Senate there will be no chance of bipartisanship. I don’t understand how anyone could vote for him, but then Massachusetts voted for Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Elizabeth Warren, Ed Markey, etc.

  7. Bill Kerrell

    I agree about Harry Ried.. Don’t the people see him for what he is ??

  8. Casey Chapman

    The term is LOW information voters. Nevada must be crawling with them. They don’t pay any attention to how dingy Harry votes. They know his name so they vote for him. He needs to retire to the funny farm. I doubt any of the casinos would hire him as a dealer, because they could not trust him to deal straight.

  9. Mike Franco

    I guess they want to continue to “believe!”; such as believe in their Dem pals, local reps, etc. They could be too busy sucking up to realize how bad these hacks are.

    Not all veterans considered “Honorable” under the law are always honorable in their behavior. I know, I have to deal with many during the course of my work.

    And take a look at some of these scumbag politicians who are veterans, especially non-line officers (i.e. JAGs), whose political ambitions “out rank” their principles.