“Harmless” Marijuana Keeps On Killing….

Posted March 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Seven executed
Mex Map IIThe drug wars in Mexico keep on, fueled by US consumption.

In central Mexico, 7 bodies were found in Uruapan – near a Pepsi bottling plant.  Icepicks held signs to their chests:

‘Warning! This will happen to thieves,
kidnappers, sex offenders, and extortionists’

This may be the work of frustrated local vigilantes who can no longer trust their local police.  Elsewhere in Mexico Friday night, 7 more were killed including three off-duty policemen in a bar massacre.

seven rear view

ANYBODY out there think this isn’t spilling across our Southern Border every night?

Next time your ‘friends’ are smoking a joint – remind yourself – and them – that this is what they’re supporting.

Than ask a Democrat why Janet Napolitano won’t secure our Southern Border.

7 Responses to ““Harmless” Marijuana Keeps On Killing….”

  1. Tom

    Also ask the morons in this state who continually push for legalization, first for so-called medical purposes and then for total legalization. This is a serious addiction and a gateway to more deadly drugs. This is from someone who has had experience with family members.

  2. Walter Knight

    Are average Mexicans fighting back against criminals? Good job if they are. Criminals are the reason law abiding people should have guns.

    R.I.P. (Rest In Piss)

  3. Casey Chapman

    Don’t forget—-our Northern border is just as porous, if not more so. We need to secure BOTH borders. Period.
    Marijuana’s active ingredient is fat soluble, not water soluble. That means it builds up in the brain. I think that is part of the reason it leads to the use of heavier drugs like heroin.

  4. Jamie

    I come from South Africa and here we don’t have that shit i smoke weed everyday and yes im not some fucked up person making nothing of my life i am actually a very successful architect with my own business….. weed is not harmful intact my gran has been smoking all her life (cigarets) and weed a lot of it and when she went for her lung scans there was not one spec.. so no its not harmful to the human body yet you get idiots that fight over a stupid little plant so let them fight its their problem like i said thy are IDIOTS


    Well Welcome to RRB Jamie. Glad business is good for you.

    Isn’t South Africa where people buy cars outfitted with flame throwers to prevent car-jackings?

    The PROVEN harm in marijuana [outside of the gang violence] is the lowering of IQ over a lifetime of use. Look up the research when you have time….

  5. tipper

    Ah I worked drugs wars. .those killing are for coke mainly.. not pot my friend.. Most pot in us comes from US.
    You need to do more research you are oblivious to truth..


    The same cartels which are smuggling in cocaine are also smuggling in marijuana and methamphetamines. You’re right, some pot and some meth is homegrown / homemade – but the same sorts of goons are involved.

    The killings in this particular story ~ may ~ have been done by village vigilantes who got tired of these goons throwing their weight around.

    If you think pot is ‘harmless and non-addictive’, – suggest you take a look at Toronto’s Mayor Ford these days. He started on pot….

  6. mike

    um… if it were legal drug-lords wouldn’t have anything to kill over… you do realize this argument is cyclical right?


    TWO (2) THINGS:

    1. Use a REAL EMAIL address next time – or your comments will be trashed!

    2. You ~ may ~ have misused the word >cyclical< , so try being a little less clever and state your case or position directly. Do you favor legalizing drugs?

  7. Mikael

    If it was legal this wouldn’t happen.
    It is unconstitutional to illegalize drugs.
    And hemp used to be grown by like everyone.
    I do favor legalization, of pot, opium, cocaine,salvia, lsd, shrooms, alot of things.