Hard-Left Website Sells Beheaded Trump

Posted June 18th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Surely somebody’s feverish left-wing zeal overcame both common sense and their mother’s upbringing…?
Wonkette t-shirt art
Did Wonkette discuss their art work and t-shirt sale plans with the families of James Foley,  Steven Sotloff,  Drummer Rigby,  or Colleen Hufford?


ISIS lines up Copts

With Americans, Britons, Syrian Christians, Copts, and even Japanese being beheaded from Moore, Oklahoma, to London, to the shores of Libya, and across Syria, Iraq, and much of Eastern Africa,….

…it would seem that a left-wing website selling t-shirts with the photoshopped image of Hillary holding the head of Donald Trump ~ might ~ be a little politically insensitive?

Just a little…?

Was this ‘artwork’ supposed to fire up Hillary’s flagging base of elderly matrons?  Was it supposed to intimidate Trump supporters,  – in the same way ISIS uses beheadings to intimidate captive populations?

Syrian Beheadings #2

Do you find yourself intimidated and afraid,  – or more resolved to see Hillary in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs…?
Wonkette T-Shirt

Maybe,…if we had as little couth as Wonkette,…we’d show a picture of Monica Lewinskyon her knees…in the Oval Office….

Bill and Monica

Is it just possible – the people at Wonkette are too young to remember the impeachment of Bill Clinton…and the lying bitch who covered for him…?

2 Responses to “Hard-Left Website Sells Beheaded Trump”

  1. Mt Woman

    That’s horrific–The Clinton’s should demand that this be removed–hardly a source of humor or provocation. Hillary is a lying and deceitful woman who deserves to be in jail and not president. I hope the Trump campaigns uses this “art form” against her like. Like the Dems continue to insinuate that Trump’s rhetoric incites bad actions from his supporters, this would take the cake!!!

  2. Hawk1776

    They will do anything that inspires the base. Truth, justice and the American way be damned. The end justifies the means.