Happy May Day Bernie Sanders!

Posted May 1st, 2017 by Iron Mike

He tells everybody that he’s “Just a Socialist” – knowing 99% of Americans can’t explain the difference between a Progressive, – a Socialist, – and a Communist.

It’s all about achieving absolute equality – not of ability, – but of the social outcome – where the wealth of the rich is taken and redistributed to those with lesser ability and lesser work ethic,…until all are equally poor.

If voting doesn’t work, – then gulags and firing squads do just fine.

The FIRST TRICK is to convince the poor and the badly ‘educated’ – that a particular group or class is ‘holding them down’,  – keeping them poor while illegally and immorally enriching themselves. 

This is the start of CLASS WARFARE.

Did you ever hear of the Kulaks?   What happened to them?

Soon the most easily swayed are donning armbands,  wearing badges,  and beating up people in the streets.  Give them guns, and soon you have firing squads.

Once your gullible goons have killed their first few people, – the rest become routine.  Then give them medals and call them heroes….

Young Berniecrats reading this blog – and shaking their heads in disbelief,  – should do a little honest research on the era of Lenin and Stalin.  Then look up the Katyn Massacre.

If reading this you don’t already know about it, – or don’t really understand what happened there – and why

– then you should know how badly your union school teachers cheated you in high school and college.

You were short-changed – BIG TIME!

Yeah,….May Day is a lot more than just a big parade in Red Square!

Remember all this the next time you hear Bernie or some other “Progressive” ranting about “…the millionaires and billionaires who don’t pay their fair share”.

Just exactly WHO gets to determine what a ‘FAIR SHARE’ is…?


How does the whole “global warming / climate change” hoax fit into Class Warfare and the Progressive’s scheme?

2 Responses to “Happy May Day Bernie Sanders!”

  1. Varvara

    Some American soldiers of WWII ended up in the Gulags and were never returned.

  2. Kojack

    It’s doubtful that the country will survive once the boomers are gone. The millenials, in general, are THE LEAST PATRIOTIC AND SIMULTANEOUSLY THE MOST HISTORICALY IGNORANT GENERATION EVER! The fact that BERNIE SANDERS, THE COMMUNIST PRETENDING TO BE A SOCIALIST was so popular with them is a testament of their utter stupidity.