Happy Birthday Donna – You’re Fired!

Posted October 31st, 2016 by Iron Mike

The Girl is about to turn 57,  – and she’s best known as a professional liar and election cheat.  Where can she get a job to tide her over until 2018?
Even the low-lifes on CNN have had enough! “G’bye!”

She’s been doing her lying professionally since she worked for Jimmy Carter…


Hey I know Donna,  – you can tell Chris Matthews and Megyn Kelly that Trump grabbed your crotch….

Hey Donna, – here’s a little traveling music for you as you head back to the donkey farm.

Donna,  now that you’ve added yourself to the Black Unemployment Rolls,…what do you think of Obama’s work in the Black inner city neighborhoods….

One Response to “Happy Birthday Donna – You’re Fired!”

  1. Mt Woman

    I don’t know how or why Bernie Sanders is still campaigning for Clinton. What has he been promised when Hill becomes president? Ironically Reince took a lot of ugly heat for sticking up for Trump during the primary, even though his presentation was considered crude and not presidential. Reince went along with the will of the people vs the GOP. Now he looks like a giant among the munchkins. He supported the people’s choice for president, not the party’s.