Happy Armistice Day Veterans!

Posted November 11th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Most of the soldiers – on all sides – who fought in “The Great War” – 1914 – 1918, had no clue about the causes.  They just knew that the Kings and Politicians started it,  – giving rise to the saying “Rich man’s war, – Poor Man’s fight!”

101 years ago today the shooting (most of it) ended.  Woodrow Wilson,  America’s clueless racist president, – would call it “The War to End all Wars”.

Today,  despite Americans spending a yearly fortune on property tax,  their children graduate from their local high schools JUST AS CLUELESS as Woodrow Wilson.

They don’t know what led to WWI,  how it was fought,  what events and movements grew from it,  and what ramifications we still live with today.

And if WWI is a mystery to them,  – so is WWII,  the Red Chinese Revolution,  the Viet Minh,  the Korean War , the Vietnam War,  or any of the Middle Eastern wars.

Having been turned into simple-minded voting robots,  they assume that young men and now young women join our military because they’re too poor to go to college,  – and they enjoy killing….


As 1913 turned into 1914,  there was great tension between the great powers of Europe,  – which would lead to the “Great War” and some 40 million military and civilian casualties.  Up to 11 million soldiers were killed, but exact numbers are unknown,  – because many countries kept few if any records, –  and the dead were often left to rot where they fell.

QUESTION 1:  What were the three (3) main causes of European tensions which led directly to World War One.

QUESTION 2:  Who were the Three Cousins?

QUESTION 3:  Who had planned WWI for 14 years before it began?

Of course the “Great War” wasn’t the “War to End all Wars”.  Across Russia the Red Army pursued the White Army – annihilating it.  In China the Civil War led by Mao continued,  as did the Indochina Wars let by Ho Chi Minh.

In Manchuria the Japanese expanded their empire as they built a modern navy and air force….and looked for sources of oil,  rubber,  food,  and markets for their manufactured goods.

Then in 1936,  a new fascist arose in Spain, – and Hitler and Stalin seized the occasion to field test their new military leaders and equipment for three years, – as the world pretended not to notice.


Numbers and estimates vary, – but between 1939 – 1945 some 75 to 85 million people perished in a war where the USA raced to be the first to invent the Atomic Bomb.

World War One had taught American politicians absolutely NOTHINGPhilosophies of Isolationism and Pacifism spread across our land,  – almost as fast as Socialism and Communism…

Having an anti-Chinese / anti-Oriental American president in Roosevelt hadn’t helped America see looming danger – in Europe or in the Far East.

After the Japanese surrender,  smug in our Atomic Bomb dominance,  the next racist US President ignored events across Asia,  – and soon Americans would be dying in Korea,  – then in Vietnam.

In the USA,  Armistice Day became Veterans Day by an Act of Congress on June 1st 1954.

Today there is STILL looming danger to our Freedom,  and it is growing stronger every day in China.

NO,  the Chinese are not “our friendly trading partners”,   – they are our economic and philosophical competitors – and their objective is WORLD DOMINATION.

Ignore that reality at your peril – and the peril of your grandchildren.

If you want to REALLY thank a Veteran today,  – find a teenager and begin teaching them History, Geography and Economics,  – so they can deal with the World as it really is,  – and not as liberal politicians pretend it is.

Global Warming is not a threat!   


5 Responses to “Happy Armistice Day Veterans!”

  1. Hal Shurtleff


    Excellent article. I reposted it on our blog:


  2. Jim Buba

    China will need all the escorts it can manage for the eventual battle at sea. No matter though, they will be awarded the sought-for prizes in the courts…

    for a while.

  3. Kojack

    Excellent expedient history lesson, Mike! Hopefully it will pique the interest/curiosity of young readers who have been DENIED REAL HISTORY BY THE NEA AND THE PUBLIC SCOOL SYSTEM.

    “….Woodrow Wilson, America’s clueless racist president….”

    Woodrow Wilson like the slave holders and the proponents of Jim Crow before him was a DUMMYCRAP.

    Also, FDR helped usher in the Soviet take over of Eastern Europe and subsequent Cold War by ignoring the warnings of Churchill and his own staff not to trust Josef Stalin, who he sympathized with and often referred to as “Uncle Joe”. FDR himself was a socialist and he owns the shameful legacy of introducing and making acceptable socialist principals to Americans which still hurts us today and has become a serious threat to our freedom.

    As you point out, the more immediate threat from the CHI-COMS along with the more distant and insidious threat of Islamic world domination are the modern equivalents of the threats posed by Nazi Germany and Japan in the 1930’s.

    “Global STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE” is by far the most serious threat of all!

  4. JIm Ettwein

    Nice article, Mike. I posted this over on the Mensa FB page I belong to, to see if I can get them commenting.

  5. panther 6

    Great history lesson for Veterans Day. I am sending on to my gang.

    Happy Veterans Day to all.