Hamas Warlords Send Youth To Be Martyrs

Posted May 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The rioting at the borders of Israel have been going on for weeks now,  – it’s the so-called March of Return.  Today as the new US Embassy opened in Jerusalem,  things intensified, and Israeli snipers took out the worst of the assholes.

Throughout History – the story is always the same: – stir up the peasants,  – march them to their deaths against impossible odds,  – then proclaim them ‘Martyrs for the Cause’Evil stuff….

So sad to watch young Arabs being used by their warlord masters. For over 6 decades they’ve lived under the PLO and then Hamas – and a half-dozen smaller groups,…all vowing DEATH to ALL JEWS and vowing to push them into the sea.

Poorly educated,  raised to become martyrs,  little hope of a normal life,  – they’re willing to charge the barbed wire,….for what?

Gaza and the West Bank could be thriving little nations now,  – but instead of educating doctors and planting crops they’ve trained killers and dug infiltration tunnels.

Sad.  Kinda like Democrats.

Remember the Hamas Leaders the warlords – are never placed in direct danger. It is always the inflamed peasants – the young “believers” who are expected to hurl rocks and dare Israeli snipers.

You might ask:

“Why doesn’t Hamas ARM their young men?”

For the very same reason Democrats want to disarm you;  – they fear an armed uprising of their dissatisfied masses,  – they fear the firing squads of revolution.

At ALL COSTS – even 26 dead Martyrs (cannon fodder fools) the Warlords must keep the people’s rage and anger focused on Israel,  – not on their own inability to turn their lands into peaceful thriving little nations,  – like the Jews have just across that barbed wire.


And STILL,…our American Propaganda Ministry wants you to believe that all peoples are essentially the same – and that we should be welcoming Muslims

7 Responses to “Hamas Warlords Send Youth To Be Martyrs”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Yes, Mike,

    The “useful idiots” are the brainwashed young muslims who accept that their only role on planet earth is killing Jews and being martyred when their efforts meet with push-back in the form of accurate snipers.

    While Israel makes the desert bloom, the muslims try to survive in dust, the stink of burning tires and gravel piles. While South Korea thrives in wealth and opportunity, the North suffers in starvation and terror. While the US shines as a land of opportunity and hope, Mexico degrades with bribes, drugs and crime.

    At least Trump’s confrontation of North Korea makes it look like many, many years from now there might once again be just ONE Korea with all prospering in freedom and opportunity. Capitalism is the ONLY cure for misery and poverty.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative


    These marauding ‘Palestinians’ are a lot like the Bernie Babe millennials, – without a degree in Gender Studies

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Damn the Romans for creating the term “Palestine”, which, incidentally, was supposed to be an insulting term for that desert outpost of the Empire….

    But on the other hand, the upside to this reporting is that there are now 26 fewer Palestinian scumbags to pollute the human gene pool….

  3. Kojack

    Len, you made a slight error in your nomenclature. They’re “useful idiots” certainly but to be sure, they’re INBRED USEFUL IDIOTS and IT IS MY SINCERE WISH THAT THE IDF KILLS THEM ALL!!!

  4. John C. "JD" Davis

    A sling and a rock was effective for the future King David when he took down Goliath. The IDF has every right to shoot these Palestnian rioters as long as they carry these weapons.

  5. Nick Cooley

    Ur mum gay

  6. Sonny's Mom

    According to Daniel Greenfield, these yoots are being offered $100/day to join the Ramadan “festivities”. (FrontPageMag, 5/15/18)

  7. Panther 6

    This is truly a crime against the folks of Gaza perpetrated on them by the Hamas leadership. It is going to be hard to stop this as the Hamas big shots see world opinion swinging their way. A true shame but more will probably die before something changes.

    When I served in Israel during the 73-74 War of Attrition most Palestinians I met liked the US – not sure when that changed. Most wanted to come here and this was a common comment from the man on the street. In Israel the Palestinians I observed lived and prospered for the most part within the framework of the Israeli democratic system while the folks in GAZA have been treated like dirt – their leaders however are leading the good life.