Hamas Gets Another Loud Wake-up Call

Posted July 8th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Israeli planes take out more Hamas targets early this morning,…8 July G'Morning Hamas

– even as our one-sided pResident publishes an op-en in an Israeli newspaper – the Haaretz – in which he praised Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas as “committed to a two-state solution”, – but said nothing about Benjamin Netanyahu.

And ahead of the American mid-terms – this will reassure America’s Jewish voters, HOW?

Obama in Daily Haaretz

Funny how Obama has time to play one-sided politics in Israel, – but has no time to call Mexico and secure the release of Sergeant Tahmooressi, or [ask / tell them] to stop the flow of kids from Guatemala…

Looks like overseas is the only place Obama can get himself a front-page spread these days….

As taxpayers we should be grateful he didn’t use Air Force One to personally deliver his op-ed……

Funny [not really] how op-eds are so easy for Obama to deliver in a troubled region,…but real results [favorable ones] continue to elude him…

So far the only results I can see from his Middle-East policies is the resurgence of the Muslim Brotherhood, – mass executions by beheading, crucifixion, and death squads, – and of course those four (4) dead Americans in Benghazi.

6 Responses to “Hamas Gets Another Loud Wake-up Call”

  1. Hawk1776

    I once had a Jewish friend, now deceased, who was fervently devoted to Israel. He was older than I and was part of a previous generation. I don’t think American Jews feel this way any longer. If they did there should have been zero Jewish votes for Obama who is the most hostile towards Israel US President I can recall.

    Maybe the internet, cell phones and Twitter have reduced the attention span of most people to nano-seconds so that they are no longer passionate about anything.

  2. Marty Lamb

    Thank you! My 20 year old daughter is in Israel right now, she texted me yesterday about how loud the helicopters were overhead flying south towards Gaza. Not nearly as loud as what my cousins in Sderot hear on a daily basis as rockets fall into their community. Hamas is a terrorist organization and should be treated as one by our government. They never were and never will be a “partner for peace”.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    The irony of this situation is that not only does Obama openly support the Palestinians and Hamas, but we the American taxpayers are funding this rogue organization. Why does Congress allow this financial assistance to the avowed enemies of Israel, but also Christians. Israel is vilified by the western media and the horrors that occur daily in Palestine are ignored. Stop the aid to Hamas.

  4. Casey Chapman

    Obama has shown himself to be a sympathizer to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood in the past. Why should anyone be surprised, when he show disdain for our military. Including the marine who’s been in a mexican jail for Over 90 days now.

  5. Walter Knight

    It’s time for Israel to re-occupy the Gaza Strip. Clearly the Arabs are not able to govern themselves.

  6. Varvara

    Why does Congress allow this financial assistance….?

    Because they want to be re-elected.