Gutsy Paul Ryan Baits A Trap!

Posted March 10th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Ryan on FoxWith a very reasonable budget plan designed to embarrass and defeat Dems in 2014.

It will force Democrats to declare that they ‘don’t care about saddling your grandkids with debt‘ – so long as THEY win re-election.

It’s a gamble.  There may now be enough low-information ‘the Government owes us‘ voters that they outnumber thinking voters….

Most self-identified Democrats are low-information voters.

They believe ‘…the $16.7 trillion National Debt doesn’t mean anything….the government can always print more money!’  ObamaCrats have been buying their votes with a Chinese credit card for 5 years now… 

These same ‘Democrats’ believe that Clinton left office with a ‘surplus’. They believe that because they don’t understand the difference between debt and deficitWhy should they?  Union teachers don’t teach this stuff in schools anymore.  Too busy teaching gay acceptance and gay rights.

Republicans and the TEA Party understand that we’ve been edging closer to Greece and Spain every month.  Democrats can’t find Greece or Spain on an unmarked map.

So this argument will capture headlines for a few weeks.  But come early 2014, and incumbent House and Senate Democrats have to plan their re-election campaigns, – these nagging issues will haunt them:

Did you block Paul Ryan’s attempt to balance the Budget?

Are you trying to run our Country on a Chinese Credit Card?

Even a wussy Republican – hell, even a RiNO, – ought to be able to eviscerate them with those questions….

ObamaCareHere’s the bait that Ryan is offering:  His budget doesn’t cut into existing programs.  It merely cuts the rate of growth from 4.9% to 3.4% – and it overturns the increasingly unpopular program called ‘ObamaCare’.

He’s gambling that a year from now, and more working people are put on part-time status, and others have their company-sponsored insurance canceled, and their premiums raised…that a significant majority of voters will realize that ObamaCare was NEVER about ‘free health care’ at all…

.it was basic socialist wealth re-distribution
– in exchange for votes from lay-abouts

The next few months should provide sitting Democrats plenty of opportunities to say stupid things on camera which can be used against them next year!

Some of them – like Niki Tsongas – can’t really help themselves.  She gets her talking points from Pelosi.
Tsongas on Patch

3 Responses to “Gutsy Paul Ryan Baits A Trap!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    We have been making the slowing the rate of growth argument for the past 5 years now. While that is true, and most of our arguments have been made from a common sense standpoint, the low information voters will refuse to listen. This is because they’ve had a set of blinders fitted to them by being on the government tit for too long.
    Their response is along the lines of “Don’t confuse me with facts”.
    We need to move our country back towards the Constitution.

  2. Sam Adams

    Thanks to Rand Paul, there’s finally hope for the Republican Party.

    Go Ryan, go!
    Keep up the attacks. Dems have nothing to offer. Call them on it. Hit them while they’re down! Stomp on their throats!

    Republicans everywhere need to shove the old guard (McCain and Graham) over the cliff, put on their big boy panties and keep up the onslaught against the pinkos.

    Lesson for our local Republicans: If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. And if you’re part of the problem, get the hell out and give a real patriot a chance!

  3. Casey Chapman

    We need to give whomever runs against Graham as much moral and perhaps monitory support as we can. Only when we oust the dinosaur Rinos out will a real change happen.