Guns and Ammo and Our Government

Posted August 15th, 2012 by Jim Ettwein

What’s up with the ammo purchases by the government?What are they planning?  Surely they’d tell us because PresO promised transparency.  Are they planning to invade somewhere?  Are they hedging the future costs?  Do they just have some surplus money that allows them to spend it on such things?  What budget line item covers ammo from all these government agencies?  Maybe they diverted their spending from fancy conferences in Vegas?  What possible constitutional purpose is being served by this?

You got a problem with this?

Here are some real purposes that I can think of.

 1. Obama is stocking up because he knows he’s going to lose big-time in November.  I don’t know what he’s planning on doing, but it doesn’t look good to me.

2. The Obama Regime, knowing that a monumental loss is in the offing, is stocking up to quell the inevitable riots that will take place if he doesn’t win.

The way I figure it, if Romney/Ryan doesn’t win by a huge landslide, PresO will spend months and months litigating his loss in the courts.  All the while fomenting unrest and causing riots in the streets in order to try to attain some public sympathy for government intervention to return the country to safety.

3. He plans to declare martial law just before the election and run the election under martial rule.  He’ll control the process, the counting, the announcement of results.  Guess who will win in such a case?  Not Pat Paulsen.

4. He’s making the government buy up ammo to drive the price up that you and I have to pay for it.  He’s hoping to keep our stocks down by cornering the market.  I know he’d be surprised at how much is already owned, both in guns and in ammo.

5. They’re doing it via multiple agencies to keep anyone from knowing how much the government is acquiring.  By spreading the purchases around the story is alarming, but if just one group were buying it, it’d be horrifying!

I don’t know about you, but I’m very curious, upset, worried, and suspicious.  I’m ashamed that I’m suspicious of my own government.  I have never felt this before.  I would never have suspected it before.  But now there are drones spying on my from above, there’s a new electronic surveillance facility being created in Utah, there are ammo purchases being made for no good reason, and we have a President that bows to Muslim dictators, whispers secret plans to Russian leaders, and is intent on dismantling the freedoms that you and I learned about from our parents and grandparents.  And grew up with.  And fought for.  And died for.

Can it all disappear?  Can we stop it?  What will it take to finally get YOU to do something?  rr

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