Gunfight In Rural Florida

Posted June 9th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Back in February all of Florida’s 67 country sheriffs signed a pledge to uphold Citizen’s Rights  as specified in our 2nd Amendment.  Now there’s trouble afoot
Finch and Scott
Governor Rick Scott [sort of a RiNO] – has had one of them arrested – for doing his duty.

Liberty County is as rural a place as you can find in the USA.  With 843 square miles [half of it is Apalachicola National Forest] there are just 8,400 people there.  When you’re in trouble, 9-1-1 is a long way off. So people carry guns.

Back in March,  a Liberty County deputy sheriff arrested a man for carrying a concealed weapon.  Using his legitimate official discretion, Sheriff Nick Finch had the man released, and his arrest record expunged.

Somebody’s nose got out of joint….  Governor Rick Scott just had Sheriff Finch arrested, and relieved him of duty until his case is decided.
Sheriff Finch Arrested
He appointed an interim replacement – Carl Causey – from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement’s Pensacola office – the same office which issued the warrant for Finch’s arrest for ‘official misconduct’.

I smell a cheap political squabble – not a 2nd Amendment issue. Finch was just elected.  I’m guessing somebody else wanted that job, – and will now waste taxpayer money to try this ‘case’ – and discredit Finch. 

So, are Governor Scott and his Dept of Law Enforcement serving the taxpaying citizens of Liberty County, – or causing problems and wasting their money?

5 Responses to “Gunfight In Rural Florida”

  1. CajunCountry

    Iron Mike. This all stinks like swamp water. Could it be this Sheriff is being “used” to set an example to the other 66 Florida Sheriffs and all the others around the country who said they would uphold the Constitution. With all the other D.C. scandals going on now, it makes one wonder high up the government chain this one goes.

  2. Sam Adams

    It goes all the way up to the top and around the rim and in between the ears.
    Democrats AND their “Junior Partners”, the Republicans, all swim in the same stinky swamp.

  3. Walter Knight

    Fixing tickets and destroying records by ‘good ole boy’ sheriffs is not legitimate police discretion, it is favoritism.

    I doubt the Sheriff was just making a stand or political statement about gun control. More likely, he was abusing power to get his friend out of trouble, again. It was probably the deputy that complained.

  4. Casey Chapman

    The sherif got into trouble for using common sense. Something the politicians seem to be a bit short of.

  5. Timothy Roesch

    We need to find out what really happened. This could be a false flag.