Gunfight Coming At The DC Circuit Court?

Posted May 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Thumbing his nose!  If some held out hope that Judge Sullivan could review a case impartially,  – then rule in the interests of Justice,  – he just blew that hope out the window.

He’s just hired Hillary Clinton’s lawyer – DC powerhouse lawyer Beth Wilkinson (married to NBC’s David Gregory) to push back on the Circuit Court of Appeals order to explain in writing his refusal to dismiss the case against LTG Mike Flynn.

FIRST:  Sullivan doesn’t need a lawyer to send a brief written answer to the DC Circuit.

SECOND:  By hiring high-profile Clinton Gunslinger Wilkinson – he’s sending a clear “FUCK YOU!” signal to the three-judge panel which just three days ago bent over backwards to give him a graceful way out of a sticky situation that he himself had created.

THIRD:  By hiring Wilkinson, – who has represented at least four (4) of Hillary’s co-conspirators in recent years,  – he is showing where his partisan loyalties lie,  – with the Clinton Crime Cartel.


Even at this very late date – and despite all that is known about the rotten corrupt working of Jim Comey’s FBI,  – and the perjury trap that was set for Mike Flynn; – the cartel still hopes for a FEDERAL CONVICTION of Mike Flynn.

Even better if it for “Lying to the FBI”!

They feel it would let them off the hook for all their illegal and treasonous conspiracies, …because after all, …the Government’s chief witness is “a convicted liar”

AND,  they know that once exonerated,  Flynn will likely spend the rest of his life coming back at them,  – taking them down one-by-one.

Already there is talk on the internet that Flynn should be appointed as Director of the FBI,  – since Christopher Wray has failed to clean up the Bureau.

So we are about to witness a battle of Legal Titans – Sidney Powell vs Beth Wilkinson.

UPDATE:     Monday 1 June 2020  Sullivan stubbornly DOUBLES DOWN!  Attorney Wilkinson files a Brief for Sullivan in response to the Circuit Court Order.   Essentially he’s saying that after spending 3 years trying to put Flynn in prison,  there’s “something fishy” about the DOJ moving to drop all charges.
Read her Brief:

One Response to “Gunfight Coming At The DC Circuit Court?”

  1. Frank L McNamara, Jr.

    Once again, Iron Mike nails it.

    Anyone still undecided whether Deep State corruption has terminally infected the objectivity of the presiding judge in the Flynn travesty, Emmet Sullivan, should spend a half hour perusing the Emergency Petition for Mandamus (especially the Facts and final Argument sections) filed by Flynn’s lawyer, the great Sidney Powell, last week in the D.C. Court of Appeals, available here:

    Judge Sullivan will need more than a Hillary Swamp lawyer to avoid the smack down that he is about to receive from the three-judge panel.