Gun-Grabber Healey Had No Clue?

Posted May 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Our self-aggrandizing lipstick lesbian AG is part of the Resist Trump movement,  and with other left-wing AGs she’s been suing Trump on a near-weekly basis,  – all on OUR DIME.

Their leader was the New York AG Eric Schneiderman,  – now exposed as a woman-beating sex pervert – who was just forced to resign within two hours of being exposed….because other Democrats nationwide fear the fallout.  Did Healey have no clue?

Emission standards, “assault weapons”, terrorist travel bans,…voter ID requirements, census questions, ObamaCare,…net neutrality, sanctuary cities, the border wall,…no matter the issue these anti-Trumpers have been filing lawsuits to stop Trump.

They have become the de facto Domestic Enemies.

Of course they were all abusing their powers as the chief lawyers for the People of their several states. They were pursuing their PERSONAL AGENDAS using taxpayer funds,  – and using other state employees to do the heavy lifting.

We should expect no less – they are all Democrats,  – except the ones like California’s Xavier Becerra – who is an avowed communist.

Now that Schneiderman has been exposed as a woman-beating hypocrite,  – how soon will Ms. Healey go to a microphone to denounce him?

How soon will she launch an investigation into that sick sex cult NXVIM – to see if there are Massachusetts victims…?   Waiting…waiting…

One Response to “Gun-Grabber Healey Had No Clue?”

  1. Panther 6

    I am glad I am living in Florida. It appears the more I hear and see of Massachusetts politics the sorrier it gets. Are there no honest folks in the Bay State political arena? Sad. And are there no straight women in politics these days? Oh well.