Gun Battle In Richmond Virginia Today?

Posted January 20th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Whatever happens between now and sunrise Tuesday,  trust the Media to get it wrong and then report it with their preconceived anti-gun slant.
At issue is the basic definition of what is a FREE MAN;  – are we the armed equals of our Government servants,  – or are we expected to be subservient to our rulers?

It was a Virginian – Thomas Jefferson, – who once spoke about the Tree of Liberty needing an occasional watering with the blood of Patriots…   

Today the blood of would-be Socialist tyrants would work just as well!

Today we are going to witness raw emotion meeting raw emotion in Virginia’s Capitol,  – as anti-gun liberals,  pro 2A Patriots,  and the dark forces of Socialism and Communism converge.

It will be a miracle of blood doesn’t flow.

Governor Northam (the admitted live baby killer) has allowed this nonsense to escalate by catering to his most liberal base.  These are the people who are gun-phobic – who actually believe that ‘guns’ cause mass shootings and suicides,  and that only uncivilized neanderthals would even consider owning a gun.

Their push to outlaw AR-15s, large magazines, and to criminalize overnight legal gun ownership found a friendly leader in Northam.

These people truly believe your legal gun is the greatest danger to your life,  – so ‘to keep you safe’  they want you to turn it in,  – or face jail time when they send the police to confiscate it.

Converging on Richmond as you read this Monday Morning – are anti-gun groups like Moms Demand Action; pro-2A patriots like the NRA, the VCDL, OathKeepers,  and various volunteer militia groups;…

– and the real troublemakers – Neo-Nazis and AntiFA who may come dressed like NRA members or Trump supporters in a FALSE FLAG operation.

The fingerprints of George Soros,  Michael Bloomberg, and other Über-Liberal anti-American actors are on the money in the pockets of the troublemakers. “Let no crisis go to waste!”

Virginia, 4 years of Northam will forever damage your State and your quality of life.

Begin his recall process TODAY!

UPDATE: Tuesday, 21 Jan 2020   NOT A SHOT FIRED!

They came – over 22,000 mostly armed patriots – and not a single shot was fired.

UPDATE:  Presidents’ Day 17 Feb 202 0 The Virginia Senate Judiciary Committee scuttles the bill,  – when 4 Democrats join the Republican minority.

5 Responses to “Gun Battle In Richmond Virginia Today?”

  1. Kojack

    Virginia has become a lefty state because of the SWAMP CREATURES who moved there and commute to DC. They have the same effect on VA that the transplanted MASS-HOLES have on NH.

    First it was Clinton thug former VA governor Terry McAuliffe who delivered VA for the HILDEBEAST in 2016 by pardoning 60K felons so they could vote for her and now its gun rights. This is only the beginning of the slide down the slippery slope for VA and maybe the country after PRESIDENT TRUMP’S 2nd term.

    Issues like this are what the 2nd civil war will be fought over. Be prepared fellow patriots….

  2. GreenGeretLTC

    Wouldn’t it be something if anti-America skumlords like Soros, Bloomberg, Northam, etc, were the first beneficiaries of a “Red” New Deal?

  3. Clinton ma Tea party

    The anti American antifa (Soros paid Nazi thugs) would love to make a war start between Americans and liberals. I say how dare they try to change our Constitution? If they do not like our laws to protect the citizens from a Government that is out of control and a clear and present danger to the society, they should find another nice Socialist country to live in.

    Please watch the Gestapo tactics they are using against Patriots in Virginia.

  4. Sherox

    This arrogant ignoramus pissant is more afraid of his own citizens than jihadists, drug cartels and gang bangers. What does that say about him?

  5. Sherox

    Then you have the imbecilic moron “reporter” who doesn’t recognize the Pledge of Allegiance.