Gulf Oil Spill Is Like Illegal Immigration

Posted June 16th, 2010 by Iron Mike

After last night’s speech, even once-loyal Democrats are openly questioning both Obama’s competence and his motives.  

This is the crisis that Obama and his goons expected to pole-vault Cap & Trade through the Congress with.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if instead it becomes the crisis which finally awakens once spellbound voters to the whole series of Obamatrocities?  In just so many ways the oil gushing from the Deep Water Horizon well is like the hordes of illegal immigrants streaming across the Mexican border.  Let me explain.

Why Illegal Mexican Immigration Is Like The Oil Spill:

PRESSURE:  Under the sea bed there are VAST pools of oil.  The sea bed itself and the 1 mile of water above it place great downward pressure on these pools.  So if you poke a drill hole into the sea bed, – and then something goes wrong – the oil gushes out with great force.  It will take great force [counter-pressure] – to plug the leak.

In Mexico,  a hundred years of government corruption and periodic harsh crackdowns have made life pretty insufferable for the average José.  In the past 40 years an increasingly welcoming America has beaconed – with jobs, schooling, health care, and an increasing array of social programs and both official and unofficial sanctuaries.  With nothing to lose but generational poverty, government brutality, and now a violent war between drug cartels, – and an 3169 km [1969 mile] open border,  Mexicans have come gushing across by the thousands per day.

IMMEDIATE SOLUTION:  The gulf leak will require an engineering effort far in excess of anything the oil industry has ever done.  Their so-called top-kill and junk-shots have failed – partly due to the 1-mile depth, and partly due to the tremendous pressure of the undersea oil.  By now EVERYBODY [almost everybody*] wants to stop the leak – even if a few fish are harmed.

The mass migration across our border can only be stopped in the short run by sealing those 1969 miles of border – probably with a fence, and with enough guards to keep the fence from being cut.  ?ber-liberals, immigration activists, and the socialists and communists among us do NOT want that fence built.  First they don’t believe in borders, and they sympathize with the Mexican viewpoint that our Southwest is really “stolen land”.  Between now and their hoped-for dissolution of the USA,  these new-world-order folks want these illegals registered as voters.

In the long run,  Mexican migration must be fixed by the Mexicans themselves taking charge of their country, their government, and their economy.  But 100+ years of a socialist oligarchy can be tough to overturn.  Nobody down there knows anything else, except the few radical students steeped in communism.

BLAME and SCAPEGOATINGObama has made it perfectly clear who is to blame – BP Oil.  [And George Bush and our dependence of foreign oil.]  In fact he wants BP to halt stockholder dividends and put up a $20 Billion Escrow fund [managed by one of his thugs of course] to cover the cost of the cleanup and damage claims from Gulf residents.  Hmmm, I ~ wonder ~ what Obama could do with a $20B slush fund come the 2012 elections . . .

Out in our Southwest,  Obama and his liberal goons have found a high-profile scapegoat in Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the new Arizona law, and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, – branding all of them as “Racist!”  Who do you think are the racists?

IGNORING the PROBLEM:   For weeks Obama seemed to all-but-ignore the oil spill.  He hosted lavish white House parties, played golf, went several times to the Left Coast to fundraise  for embattled liberal kook [“carbon dioxide is our greatest danger”] Senator Barbara Boxer – even bypassing the memorial service for the 11 dead oil workers to do so.  He did walk on the beach a few times, but was mostly photographed eating ice cream.

Like the oil spill,  Obama has all but ignored the hordes of Mexican illegals pouring across our border.  He did hold a press conference to declare the Arizona law [which he hadn’t yet read] to be unconstitutional, a claim echoed by his Attorney General flunky Eric Holder and his Homeland Security lesbian Janet Napolitano.  He even ordered ICE to decline to process anybody picked up by Arizona authorities. 

REFUSING HELP:   Within days of the initial explosion, when it became clear there was going to be a big spill,  our friends the Dutch offered specialized skimmer boats.  Obama pointedly turned down the offer, citing among other things the  Jones Act

Obama & Company want no help from anybody in shutting down illegal immigration.  They are overtly and tacitly welcoming them.  Beyond that – Obama allowed Mexican Presidente Felipe Calderón to address the US Congress – and blame us and Arizona for the problem! 

THE CLEANUP:  Obama has repeatedly made it clear he expects BP to pay for the cleanup and for all damages to the gulf residents and businesses hurt by the spill.  Thus the good excuse to demand that $20 Billion escrow [slush] fund.  Hmmm, maybe we could use illegal Mexicans to do the dirty work?

There is a HUGE social, and financial cost associated with the illegal immigrant plague.  Crime, welfare, education of their children, medical care, the list is almost endless.  California is already broke paying for the direct and indirect costs of maintaining their population of illegals.  Cleanup the illegals mess?  Do the math:  13,000,000 illegals ÷ seats on a Boeing 747 = (how many plane loads of illegals back to Mexico?)


Obama’s buddy Rahm Emanuel is often quoted for saying “never let a crisis go to waste”.  Obama & Company will use the oil spill to push for Cap & Trade [it will make them wildly rich] and to nationalize the oil companies – i.e. have TOTAL government control of the energy industry.

They will use the flood of illegals to push through an Amnesty & Citizenship bill, – adding 13 million trained socialist voters to the rolls.  That step is necessary if the eventual goal is to destroy America from within.

I hope you’ve noticed the utter silence from the Left in Congress.  On November 2nd you have a good chance to stop this madness, and hold it in check until November 2012.  DON’T BLOW IT!!!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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  1. Marco Barrea

    The Gulf is a nightmare and the oil has been seen as far as Alabama and Florida…It’s a nightmare of a situation for sure but it’s kinda funny how the BP exec’s continually stick their feet in their mouths