Guilty! – Guilty!! – Guilty!!!

Posted July 24th, 2014 by Iron Mike

John “Jack” O’Brien and his two henchmen William H. Burke III and Elizabeth V. Tavares, – have been found guilty of racketeering conspiracy and mail fraud.  Sentencing set for Wed, Oct 22nd.O'Brien GUILTY
Martha Coakley never looked at this corruption. The case was brought by the Feds, – US Attorney for Massachusetts, Carmen Ortiz!

If you think that House Speaker Bob DeLeo isn’t sweating right now

like a pig on the 3rd of July – you don’t understand that O’Brien has likely kept a secret file to trade – “just in case”.

And Governor Deval Patrick – who might have otherwise – cannot grant a pardon to a Federal Prisoner.

O'Brien + Tavares + Burke

Burke and Tavares may also have stored away some trading goods…

4 Responses to “Guilty! – Guilty!! – Guilty!!!”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Sounds like a soap opera, doesn’t. ” As the bacon fries”

  2. Paul J Baldi

    Just checked the Boston Globe online…not one word about
    this story!! Must be great to live with your head inserted
    into your anus! Wow! Thank God for the Herald!!


    Yeah, the Boston Globe – covering up and distorting the news since the Kennedy Administration,…and damn proud of it!

  3. Clinton tea party

    Where is Naughton?