Guatemalan Caravan: Soros Storm Troops

Posted October 22nd, 2018 by Iron Mike

When Soros wanted to disrupt America back with the Occupy Movement – he failed.  Today he is funding and directing the AntiFA forces – mostly on the West Coast.  They’re a big problem,  – but they too are failing to cripple America in those cities.

Now he’s calling up his reserves,  – an invading horde of totally expendable Guatemalan “political refugees” (military-age peasant men) just in time to blanket the evening news before our mid-term election.  Can you smell the evil?  short video:

Marching for Soros undoubtedly pays better than picking coffee in Guatemala.  Over the weekend the ‘caravan’ went from 4,000 to nearly 8,000 people,  as they broke through the gates at the Guatemala-Mexican Border near Tapachula.

To listen to some press reports you’d think they were about to flood into El Paso.

But reality is that there are over 2,000 long hard miles to walk between Tapachula and our Mexican Border towns at Nogales and El Paso.

McAllen, Texas is closer – just 1067 miles – thus the more likely target.

But to reach the border by Election Day those folks would have to walk 76 miles a day for 14 days straight. Even Zulu Warriors couldn’t do that!

If they manage to average 25 miles a day – 350 miles – they ~ might ~ reach Veracruz,  or about one-third of the way.  The American Propaganda Ministry will continue to report the story as if they were about to swarm our border stations.

This tactic of sending hordes of military-age young men across borders is EXACTLY what the Muslims have been doing to Europe,  – and the Europeans were blinded to it cloaked in their left-over Nazi-era Holocaust guilt.  They didn’t want to be called “RACIST”,  – and now their women are being raped wholesale….and their police forces are all but helpless….

This is how Soros destroys both the nations he hates – AND their cultures!

Europeans were easy victims.  They are largely unarmed,  have lived for millennium as ‘SUBJECTS’ of their kings,  – have only recently known Freedom – (which was won with other people’s blood), – and they gladly accepted Socialism as an easy substitute for Royal Largess. They have little stomach for standing up and fighting for their freedom,  – for their culture,  – or even for their own daughters virginity.

About 40% of Americans are too much like them in 2018,  – witness the number who appear to crave Socialism and/or Communism – – with no actual knowledge of what that kind of government and society does to a people.

Frighteningly few young Americans know anything about the Russian, Chinese, or Cuban revolutions, and thus are easy prey for political charlatans like Hillary, Obama, Bernie, and Ocasio-Cortez.

Over these next 2 weeks YOU be the American who pushes back at the Mainstream Narrative of “…a caravan of political refugees seeking asylum”.

Make sure your family,  – your kids and grand kids, – and your circle of friends understand how both these Guatemalan foot troops and the American Public is being used and manipulated – with the sole goal of undermining President Trump and our National Sovereignty.

Having lived through one small nation being over-run by invaders, – when it comes to a decision between our National Sovereignty or turning back the caravan of “asylum seekers”,  – I’d just as soon napalm the entire caravan as it is stretched out along a Mexican highway.

Turn ’em into crispy critters and be done with it!

BUT,…just so you know,  – the Mexican Army has 276,000 men under arms, with another 100,000 in reserve.

Mexico HAS the MANPOWER to stop this horde before it goes any further.

2 Responses to “Guatemalan Caravan: Soros Storm Troops”

  1. Kojack

    Mike, I like the napalm idea…..take ’em out before they even get an opportunity to invade the U.S.A. Only, just to be thorough, I’d follow up with AC-130’s to make sure there were none left.

    They were offered asylum in Mexico which they refused…..THEY’RE AFTER THE BENEFITS PAID FOR BY U.S. TAXPAYERS AND INTENDED FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS.

  2. Blossom Stiefel

    The Department of Homeland Security, (DHS) officials said that there are gang members and people with “significant criminal histories” that are mixed in with the caravan.

    This is an outrage! President Trump needs to call out the military. The U.S. taxpayers are doing enough–too much–for the people that are already here illegally. We can’t do more without destroying our own country and our citizens’ lives.