Groundhog Day At Wellesley College

Posted February 2nd, 2017 by Iron Mike

How desperate is College President Paula A. Johnson?

She has ‘invited’ ( had her arm twisted? ) Hillary Clinton to address the graduating class of 2017.   What measure of ‘Success’ can Hillary talk about?

So terribly ironic – at least Paula got to be a President…

Maybe Hillary can tell the young ladies about staying married to a wandering penis – about the personal esteem she traded for political advantage…?

Maybe she can discuss how to plan and conduct covert operations – like Fast & Furious and smuggling arms to ISIS out of Benghazi…?

Maybe she can discuss 21st Century Communications – and the advantages and risks of using a private server…?

Maybe she can discuss how to act when being questioned by the FBI…and Congress?

Maybe she can discuss foreign relations and coin collecting…?

Maybe she can discuss how ambitious ladies should conduct their personal affairs – and how to dispose of used lovers…?

Maybe the Board of Trustees should ask President Johnson how much she is paying this compulsive lifetime liar…?

And if Bill comes with her,…the campus police should keep a close eye on him – around all those young ladies….

If there is a shred of dignity and honor in the graduating seniors of Wellesley,  – they should stand as a body,  – turn,  – and silently walk out!

Yep,…Hillary will keep turning up anyplace that fools will give her the two thing she needs most in life; – a paycheck and applause….

4 Responses to “Groundhog Day At Wellesley College”

  1. Kojack

    Is that the Hildebeast’s long lost twin?

  2. Walter Knight

    Colleges will invite Clinton to speak because that’s how liberals pay off each other.

  3. Mt Woman

    I wonder if she will get her usual speaking fee of several hundred thousand dollars?

  4. Panther 6

    The woman is a disgrace and disgusting in the extreme. Yet so many females think she hung the moon. She is a crook and as has been pointed out time after time an enabler for her husband and his philandering. She has sort of slipped off the radar but she craves the limelight and will be back.