Grijalva Gives Faker A National Stage

Posted February 6th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Charlie Faker is courting a National Audience for 2020, – likely wants to team up with any anti-Trumper who’ll take him on….

Today he was testifying in DC before one of the Democrat’s (read Progressive / Communist) most strident members about how the CLIMATE is destroying Massachusetts.
Your Tax $$ building HIS left-wing résumé….   video:

Grijalva represents southern Arizona – from Tucson to Nogales to Yuma,  – the PRIME DRUG SMUGGLING CORRIDOR into the USA.

But he didn’t invite Charlie to talk about fentanyl overdoses and deaths in the Bay State….

Anybody out there believe that Grijalva isn’t taking $$ from the Cartels?   The enemy is inside our Congress,  – and they’re not all Muslims!

If Baker was a REAL Republican – he would be ashamed….

One Response to “Grijalva Gives Faker A National Stage”

  1. Sherox

    Baker out Socialisms the Democrats, so much so that he should be out of the Republican Party along with nearly every Republican elected in Massachusetts.