Greg Hunter Connects The Dots

Posted January 7th, 2018 by Iron Mike

We can only hope that he’s at least 20% correct!

Folks,  since you won’t be watching any NFL games today,  – grab a beverage and take the 42 minutes to watch this video.   It will clear up a LOT of issues for you,  – and alert you to watch for certain events in 2018.  The Propaganda Ministry sure won’t tell you…but they’ll sure spin it!

Greg fully explains why the Left is racing to convince you that Trump is somehow mentally unbalanced,  – i.e. unfit to hold office.

The Swamp would much rather deal with Mike Pence than Donald Trump.

They want to invoke the 25th Amendment BEFORE Grand Jury indictments are issued. Greg explains why this Executive Order (dated 21 Dec) cuts them off at the pass.

It will come down to either (1). Trump is insane – unfit,…or

(2). The Swamp has been engaging in criminal and even treasonous acts…

Now if you haven’t heard of this ExecOrder – ask yourself “Who didn’t want the public to know…?”

Kind of explains that January 3rd fire at the Clinton’s Chappaqua compound….

Don’t you feel sorry for all those witnesses who are going to suddenly ‘commit Arkancide’ this year?

4 Responses to “Greg Hunter Connects The Dots”

  1. Mike O'Neill

    This sentence caught my eye because it relates to something I’ve heard lately here in DC:

    “The Swamp would much rather deal with Mike Pence than Donald Trump.”

    As RRB knows, I’ve had the pleasure of living in the DC area for the last 4-5 years. I’m not involved in politics, but you can’t help hearing about politics if you live in DC.

    I believe that the above statement about Trump/Pence is true. The political machinery does not know how to deal with someone like Trump, while Pence is familiar to them. However, from an election point of view, I’ve heard this several times recently:

    There are some in the Democratic party who think they can easily defeat Trump in the next election, but they think that Pence would be much harder to defeat. So as much as they don’t like Trump and would love to see him gone, if they play the long game, they are better off if he stays and they beat him in 2020.

    Just to be clear – I’m reporting what I’ve heard – not what I personally believe!



    As always, THANK YOU my Trusted Friend!

  2. Integrity 1st

    It is astounding how little is being said about the fire at the Clinton’s that I consider BIG news! How can this be???

  3. GreenBeretLTC

    The incompetence of Democrats tickles me…..

    My Constitution says absent the death, resignation or impeachment AND conviction of a president, to otherwise be removed from office (a) the president must declare himself unfit to serve, or (b) the Vice-President and the majority of the Cabinet must declare the president unfit to serve, in which case the president gets to counter that declaration with another competency declaration of his own. If this happens, then 2/3 of both the Senate and the House has to concur with the VP and the Cabinet…

    This, my friends, at this point in time anyway, just isn’t going to happen. The Democrat’s pipe dream of Trump being declared unfit to serve is sheer fantasy, no, lunacy, as neither the facts to date nor the numbers are in support.

    Dream on, Twits!

  4. Sonny's Mom

    Nowadays most college girls consider it an insult if a male student directs any “unwanted” attention their way, without a signed “consent” form.

    Except for a very few within their ranks, most Democrats believe that “unwanted” unborn babies are “life unworthy of life” unless the pregnant woman herself “consents” to give birth.

    So it completely makes sense that any candidate the Democrats haven’t “consented” to be governed by (ie, the “unwanted” opposition candidate), if elected, would automatically be considered an unfit sub-human creature with bad hair who should not be allowed to serve as president.

    Fortunately, the Constitution is silent on the “feelings” of traitors, and our side has more guns.