“Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones RESIGNS!!

Posted September 6th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Sunday Morning Americans!

“Green Jobs” Czar Van Jones – an admitted radical communist – has resigned from Obama’s White House under the weight of public pressure!

van_jonesThis is a HUGE victory for what has been a lone brave voice – Glenn Beck of Fox News.  It is an even bigger victory for the American people,  – because Jones was determined to move this country past socialism, – all the way to communism.  This is a BIG DEFEAT for Obama and his girlfriend Valerie Jarrett!

It is SO NICE to wake up on a Sunday morning in America,  and see the good guys win one, and the godless bad guys lose.  It should be an absolute howl to watch White House Press Duffus Robert Gibbs try to put a spin on this story!  My guess is that he too is on a very short lifeline!

People, – we’ve just had a small but important victory, and I hope each of you will thank your God.

Once again Obama has shown that he’ll toss old friends and allies under the bus – or out of the lifeboat – to continue his own personal and political vision.  Abandoned by a father and a stepfather, – he never learned loyalty.  He’s shown arrogance by picking Jones – actually by having some thirty-seven (37) “Czars” in his government, – and he’s shown his poor judgemet and TOTAL managemnt inexperience by picking such radicals.  I guess he thought that 3% victory margin was somehow a mandate from God.  Oops!  Not quite!

Obama and his puppet-masters hate America so badly that they’ve misjudged or overlooked a key ingredient in our make-up.  We ordinary Americans will put up with a certain amount of crap,  – but you go too far and we get really pissed, and we fight back.  LOTS of ordinary Americans put a LOT of pressure on the White House.  Bye-bye Mister Jones.  Go back to San Francisco, and your commie pals.

Last year Obama managed to trick lots of good folks into believing he was a good guy with bright new ideas.  He’s neither;  – he’s a phony,  layered in lies,  and still trying to sell that same old socialism that has failed everywhere it’s ever been tried.  Frankly Mister Obama,  even your supporters are beginning to see the truth. The lipstick is almost totally gone from your pig!

Americans, take heart,  and KEEP UP THE PRESSURE!  We can save our country!

   Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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