Great Republican Tuesday!

Posted October 20th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Hi Folks,

Today was a great day to be a Republican in Massachusetts!!   I got to visit a dozen town clerks as I turned in Scott Brown for US Senate ballot petitions.   [ ]

To the many nice folks – mostly lovely ladies – that I met at the town halls, welcome to RRB!  I’ve been a bit busy these past few days, – I promise a new blog entry nlt mid-morning Wednesday.

To the nice lady in Shirley who called herself a “Yellow Dog Democrat” – gee, do you really still feel that proud of THE MEssiah, and his 37+ Czars?   Would you let Kevin Jennings anywhere near that son of yours?   How ‘bout our national “Village Idiot”  – that renown “expert” on military strategy and foreign affairs – Lovable Joe Biden?   Proud of him?   Still?   Do you really want to be a moonbat for the next three years? 

Check back in tomorrow Folks.  The piece is in my brain, – just need a little time to get in into the computer and get it spellchucked!

    /s/  Iron Mike

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