Grading The Mass 5th Republicans

Posted September 3rd, 2010 by Iron Mike

We have at least two candidates who can beat Niki Tsongas on November 2nd – and it may be the most important vote of your life.

Niki Tsongas has been a forceful lifetime contributor to the decline and destruction of American Capitalism and American world leadership.  She has worked endlessly to discourage and destroy American industry, imposing crippling over-regulation, outlandish taxes, and doing everything in her power to force manufacturing to abandon Massachusetts, and the USA – and relocate to the Third World. 

She and her fellow Democrats, Progressives, and Socialists have been so successful that the “Cradle of the American Industrial Revolution” is now a blighted river valley with empty mills, empty factories, crime-riddled cities, and empty drug-addicted lives. 

The sum legacy of 50 years of Democrat Party control of Beacon Hill – and lately of the US Congress is all-too-visible across the Mass 5th District.  Empty mills, empty factories, empty storefronts, and once attractive neighborhoods now a study in urban blight and 9.6% unemployment.  The religious concept of charity for the unfortunate manipulated and warped into a vast socialist welfare industry designed to keep a critical voting block dependant on government checks.  And all paid for by sucking ever larger tax bills out of an ever-shrinking population of productive working people. 

If ANY of you reading this doubt the essential truth about the economic and social havoc wrought by the maniacal and misguided social engineering of the Democrats – just invest $10.oo in my little experiment.  Go buy $10.oo of gas, and begin driving through the 5th District, starting in Haverhill, and working your way south through Lawrence, Lowell, Chelmsford, Billerica, Ayer, Shirley, Acton, Concord, Maynard, Stow, and Hudson.  Count the number of empty stores, empty mills, and homes for sale.

This year we have two outstanding chances to unseat her, and just 10 days to pick the best one.  I’ve already made my pick. 

Sam Meas:  Easily the Best.   Sam is our “Miracle Candidate”.  A miracle saved him from the Killing Fields of the Khmer Rouge, and a miracle brought him to America and to our district.

Over the course of the past year I’ve met only a handful of people – including ardent Democrats – who don’t instinctively warm to Sam.  Sam draws you in by his smile, his warmth, and his humility. 

He is exactly what the Founders intended as future Congressmen – a citizen legislator – a man of experience, vision, yet grounded in common sense and religious and human values.

The most interesting and revealing thing for me was to watch Sam ponder and work through issues and problems.  He sees sides of issues you and I don’t,  and he considers viewpoints we might dismiss.  He doesn’t “accept the common wisdom”; – he does his own fact-checking.  At first I was impatient with this, but came to see the value.  I have learned from Sam. 


Sam brings a dimension into the fight against Niki Tsongas that the other Republicans and Independents cannot.  He has been registering thousands of Cambodian and Vietnamese immigrant citizens – as Republicans.  He is determined that these refugees not be written off as Democratic welfare sheep.

Sam is the most instinctive Constitutionalist I have ever met.  Having escaped the homicidal teenage army of Pol Pot’s communist Khmer Rouge, and lived at the mercy of military dictators,  Sam understands what we have here in America, and how easily a few more dumb mistakes could wipe it away.  Sam placed himself a cut above ‘politicians’ when he signed his Contract with the 5th District Voters.  And he “pledged his fortune”; – I watched humbled to tears as he was selling off a stock portfolio for pennies on the dollar to buy yard signs.

As our congressman, Sam will be in the best position to fight to seal our southern border and stop the Democrats ploy of granting amnesty to 13+ million illegals.  As a legal immigrant nobody can call him “racist” when he stands to demand that our borders be defended and our laws enforced. 

Sam is the Republican candidate that Tsongas and her socialists already know can defeat her, and help break the Democratic stranglehold on Mass-a-Two-Shits. To the Democrats in Washington, Sam is their coming nightmare

Tom Weaver:  Easily 2nd Best.  Tom brings to the Mass 5th race everything we could possibly hope for in a candidate.  Annapolis grad, five years service in the nuclear navy, honest businessman, lifetime of civic involvement.  He is totally historically grounded – even immersed – and understands our Constitution at a detailed and historical level.  He thinks quickly on his feet and is strong in a debate.  In other words, Tom is a perfect candidate

Well, why not Tom?  Tom is a walking heart attack.  I don’t want to have to go through another special election in 2011.  Republicans and the TEA Party might not be as jazzed up, and Niki ~ might ~ slip back in.

Robert Shapiro:  Annoying but OKA man of many careers, pharmacist, software engineer, and math teacher, Robert seems most proud of being a self-taught “Austrian Economist”.  I’ve found no reason to question Robert’s credentials – mostly because I’ve found him tedious, boring, and annoying.  I believe he understands economics and the Constitution,  but I quickly grew tired of him giving complicated economic lectures to voters who already understand the basic of “don’t spend more than you have”.  Shapiro would be far better than Tsongas, but would not make friends in Congress.  He would be lonely and thus vulnerable in Washington.

Jon Golnik:  Serial liar – a true gift to Tsongas.  I’ve come to know Jon too well.  Our first 90-minute meeting on March 2nd was an interview for RRB.  I found him unprepared on the issues and lacking historical perspective on America’s history and our role in the world.  He seemed to be reaching for the buzz words.  That impression has been reinforced many times since.  He lied to me then, and to several RTC groups since – saying that he had nothing negative in his background. 

In fact he was not registered to vote for over eight (8) years that we know about so far.  Then when caught he blamed it on George W. Bush.  When his DUI/drug arrest was revealed this week, it became apparent he has been blaming others most of his life. 

Suddenly the need to tell voters the story about his dead brother’s motorcycle accident makes perfect sense.  Jon has made a career of riding the sympathy / victim wave, – never taking personal responsibility for his screw-ups.  With two glaring faults revealed in just six months by Republicans, – imagine what the Tsongas machine has waiting. 


Jon ~ might ~ be a slight improvement over Niki, but I cannot escape the feeling that he is really a stealth democrat.  At the Stow RTC he was asked how he would vote on a bill that would bring $5 Billion to the Mass 5th, – but that was un-constitutional.  He paused, gulped, and said “$5 Billion?  I guess I’d have to think about that.”

When asked at a debate a week ago what he wanted to do if elected he responded “I want to take the problems of the 5th District down to Washington and fix them!”  That is precisely a Democrat mind at work.  When you consider his internship working for Harold Washington, his serial lying, his constant blaming of others and playing the victim, and these most revealing utterances, I see a badly flawed candidate unworthy of our trust.

The worst case is that if Golnik did become our candidate – the Dems would have a field day turning him and our other statewide Republican candidates into a laughingstock.  Our one chance to turn back the socialist tide would evaporate in a series of mocking TV spots.

Please, vote for Sam – like your country and your kid’s futures depend on it.  If Tsongas and enough other Socialists are re-elected in November, – they will push our country so deeply into socialism and so deeply into debt that we may never recover.

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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14 Responses to “Grading The Mass 5th Republicans”

  1. Ryan White

    Sam Meas registered 1000’s??? Who is the serial liar now. Only 312 people have been registered or changed registration in Lowell since January 2010. STOP SERIAL LYING!!!

    Call Gail at 978-970-4046 to verify.

    Mike Farqua and Sam Meas are LIARS

  2. Sam R

    National Budget Deficit = $14 trillion
    State Budget Deficit = $1.4 Billion
    Meas for Congress Budget Deficit = $21,664.87!!!

    Sam Meas runs his campaign budget just like Nacy Pelosi runs the National Budget!!! We don’t need another deficit spender in DC!!!

  3. Jeffrey Wallens

    How many did Sam get to drop off the Democrat party and become “Unenrolled.” I don’t have a count, but it sure seems like a whole bunch of folks to me, I’ve seen the lines. I guess we’ll find out September 14th. Enjoy your delusions while you can.

  4. Karen G

    Before busting an artery and calling people liars, realize this…the last time I checked, Lowell was NOT the only city or town in the 5th district with a sizeable Asian population. I live in one myself and Sam has much support here.

    I know you may still be feeling the sting of betrayal laid upon you, and others, by Mr. Golnik. What a frustrating situaton for everyone that has contributed to his campaign in both time and money; alot of effort flushed down the hopper so to speak.

    Compounding the situtation is this: If Jon is anything like his “supporters” such as you or “Greg from the Beltway”, then thanks but no thanks. Honestly, are you sure you guys aren’t Democrats?

    The more I have learned about Sam Meas, the more it is clear that, if we want to change the political and ideologcal direction of Massachusetts, then he is without question the candidate we should support. Simply put, his character is beyond reproach and his heart is in the right place.

    I will be voting for Sam on Sept 14th, as will all of my extended family and many friends.

  5. Karen G

    By “you” I refer to Ryan…and Sam R…

  6. Renee Aste

    Jeffery I read your letter to the editor.

    So much for ballot access, I guess the beltway insiders have to ‘pre-approve’ you.

  7. Renee Aste


    It should be noted that Meas did lot of get out the vote for the Scott Brown election, that would be prior to January 2010. Meas had already made the decision to run sometime prior to the Brown/Coakley election, so he had them register prior to the date you cited to support Brown.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  8. Renee Aste

    Sam R,

    That’s the same public information that was sent to me via Facebook this morning, but it was done by someone falsely impersonating themselves as Iron Mike. Not sure why someone would send that information to me in that manner? Donations have been hard for every candidate in this race, including Golnik. Golnik and his family of insiders are very affluent so raising seed money has not been and issue.

    If Golnik wins, the DNC and their machine (including Emily’s List) will take care of him. We know from the primary that Golnik isn’t forthcoming or interested in grassroots, as seen with his minimum amount of certified signatures. Every candidate including Weaver and Shapiro collected more, then him.

    Most of the people in my social group (cultural Democrats, not necessary political) are willing to vote for Sam but will not vote for Jon. Something is up here, it’s ugly as you can read in Jeffery Wallen’s letter to the editor.

    Renee Aste
    Lowell Massachusetts

  9. Renee Aste

    Iron Mike,

    Here’s just another one of the great pieces on Sam Meas, this published September 1st.

    Renee Aste

  10. Sam R


    I dont know why you have to be so negative all the time. I feel bad that your life is soo miserable that you have to take out your own short comings on others. I truely hope you can find some decency in the next week and avoid the negativeness.

    I will pray for you, because it quite clear you need some God in your life…


  11. Ed from Mass

    I’ve asked this question numerous times no one answers.

    What quilifications does Sam Meas have to get elected to the United States Congress.

    Now normally a Congressional candidate will bring many qualifications to the table.

    I have asked for examples and no one has any. The simple reality is the only thing Sam has done is become an immigrant to the United States. So I guess that makes 50 million others as qualified.

    Now almost all Congress people that actually get elected bring a record to the table. You know Selectman, Mayor, City Councillor, State Rep, Senator anything that gives a voting record of the Congressman. Even Niki was in public display as the wife of a United States Senator and Presidential Candidate.

    The basic facts are Sam has done nothing for the District, the State or our country.

    Come on Guys only one person has an actual record of caring and giving back. That Is Tom Weaver.

    Now some say he is a walking dead man, where do you get that information. Dick Cheney has been dying of thre same heart attack for 30 years.

    Sam is a blank slate. Never elected to public office, never served in the military.

    Weaver, Eagle Scout, United States Naval Academy, MIT, Veteran, Cub Scout organizer, lived in the district for 30 years. Father of a Navy Fighter Pilot, small business owner for 30 years.

    So what has Sam Meas done. I’m waiting!!

  12. ironmike

    We’ve spoken about this a couple of weeks ago Ed. As I pointed out – Tom Weaver is a perfect candidate. I would vote for him if Sam weren’t in the race. But Sam is in the race, and Tom is a walking heart attack.

    In your frustration try to remember that Sam never had a chance to be a Boy Scout or an Eagle Scout – he was is a refugee camp.

    Similarly, Tom didn’t have to come penniless to a new country and learn a new language. He doesn’t speak Khmer or Thai. Tom can’t bring in the Asian populations of Lawrence and Lowell to the political process and show the teenagers in those families that great things are possible for them too here in America.

    If you want congressional candidates who have ‘paid their dues” on school boards, been town selectmen, been scout leaders and sports coaches – then start grooming them now for elections in 2020. Right now we have ONE chance to dump Tsongas, and Sam is our BEST chance. Accept it, embrace it, and quit your sniveling.

    /s/ Iron Mike

  13. Ed from Mass

    That’s the problem I have with Sam, He hasn’t paid his dues. He didn’t join a school board, he didn’t try for City Council, He didn’t serve on a Town or City Board.

    It’s not like he’s an old person. He has time to begin doing things that will give a voter an indicator of how he will vote as our Congressman. It’s called getting a record.

    We just elected a President with no real background in government, He was a State Senator and a less than one term US Senator.

    He told people what they wanted to hear. Then once elected his true colors showed. Well suprise suprise we knew little about him and the country still voted for him, now we are screwed.

    Sam has zero voting record he’s chosen not to build a resume or volunteer for the District. He’s a young man he has chosen to jump into the 3rd highest elected office in the most powerful country in the world. What’s the rush.

    I ask where’s the BEEF, where the record. Where’s his experience in a democracy, where is any indicator of what type a Congressman he will be. Personally he’s a likeable person, BUT WHERES the BEEF.

    We have been screwed twice in four years. First we got Deval Patrick with hope and promise, then we got Obama with more hope and promise. Both times they have failed.

    We are trying to get a Republican elected in a TRUE BLUE STATE. Republicans can’t be just good, they have to be GREAT to get elected. I’m sorry Sam hasn’t even proved he’s average.

    The issue is SIMPLE if you really feel Weaver is the most qualified and you don’t vote for him, it says more about us as a people and why we have and probably continue to fail.

  14. Ed from Mass

    A few more things.

    There is only one candidate that can go toe to toe with Tsongas on ISSUES, it’s surely not Meas.

    Weaver served in the military. Tsongas did not

    Weaver is educated in Nuclear Power and Energy, Tsongas is not.

    Weaver is an expert on the enviroment, Tsongas is not.

    Weaver has a son in the military, Tsongas has not.

    Weaver has run a small business for 30 years, Tsongas has not.

    So where can Meas go toe to toe with Tsongas.

    Maybe immigration, maybe on private finance. Maybe on issues he has no real experience in, on hundreds of issues Tsongas will take his lunch. That’s just a fact Mike!

    BTW this is not sniveling, voting for the most qualified person is your american duty.