Graceless Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s SOTU

Posted February 4th, 2020 by Iron Mike

It was a great speech,  and the selected guests in the balcony were well chosen to emphasize the key points Trump was making about our Republic.

Pelosi was having trouble with her teeth,  and seemed to lose track of what Trump was talking about.

There was a moment while Trump was discussing healthcare and lowering costs and not wasting taxpayer money giving “free” healthcare to illegals that a group of the white-clad Democrat women stood up and yelled at him.

Somehow Trump had conspired to have Rush Limbaugh there, – and to keep him from learning all day that he was to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom.  He was truly stunned!  Great moment.

Great speech Mister President! Thank you! 


7 Responses to “Graceless Pelosi Tears Up Trump’s SOTU”

  1. Walter Knight

    Pelosi is upset because she doesn’t get her acquittal pen until tomorrow.

  2. Jim Buba

    Impeach this you pointless Capitol C

  3. Vic

    Donald J Trump is the greatest President of my lifetime. That futile and petulant gesture (after shuffling papers and being generally very rude throughout the entire speech) shows what a low life Pelosi really is. She’s incapable of being anything honorable. No democrat should be in charge of anything, ever.

  4. Varvara

    Disgusting Nancy….

    Disgusting Ladies in white….

    Hero Rush….

    Hero Charles McGee…. (I think you should have included the retired Air Force Col.) Beautiful photo with his grandson.

  5. Clinton ma Tea party

    America is Back! Strong and proud!
    And the Democrats showed that they hate it.
    Outstanding SOTU President Trump.

  6. Jim Buba

    Maybe you, like me, noticed that Pelosi’s Botox wore off by the end of the speech. The thankless B**** had to do something to stop people from looking at all her W-R-I-N-K-L-E-S.

    Thank you, drive through.

  7. Kojack

    Last night the DUMMYCRAPS revealed themselves in front of the whole world as the ANTI-AMERICAN TROGLODITES THEY ALWAYS HAVE BEEN. They no longer attempt to hide it. You can be an American or you can be a democrat but you can’t be both.