Grace Elizabeth Coleman: Born To Kill?

Posted December 10th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Dead at the scene was a man on his way to pick up his final paycheck,

…identified as 27-year-old Henry Eduardo Saldana-Mejia of Santa Ana.  His wife has been identified as 29-year-old Gabriela Andrade.  Their three children ages 1, 3, and 5 were in the back seat – and survived.

Coleman was driving a Range Rover when she t-boned Henry’s sedan.  She was out on BAIL from a DUI in August – awaiting trail.   She then walked away from the scene,  – before being spotted and arrested.

Anybody think that in liberal California she’ll do any more than 7 years?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is just a polite way of saying Fetal Alcohol Retardation.

It implies that the person has a ‘syndrome’ or ‘a disease’.


Their DNA was damaged beyond repair while they were still in the uterus.  It affects both body and brain.  It is a LIFE SENTENCE!

While Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is not passed down to the next generation,  certain sets of DNA which make people genetically susceptible to alcoholism are passed down.

While this will not automatically condemn children to grow up as alcoholics,  these children should be keenly aware that they have a built-in weakness or susceptibility. 

UPDATE:  Thurs night 10 Dec 2020   Prosecutors are alleging Coleman’s blood-alcohol level was more than .20% — nearly three times the legal limit 

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  1. Louise karl

    Do you have to turn every event in life a political issue…… take the chip off your shoulder okay…. your an angry human…get help

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    >> Do you have to turn every event in life a political issue……(?)

    Actually Louise, for 12 years now RRB has been commenting on political issues, social issues, and issues of crime and national defense (including education).

    So did you come to research Grace Coleman, – her victims, – or the phenomena of fetal alcohol syndrome…?

    Ever know somebody who was murdered? Or somebody killed by a drunk driver? You might be angry too…

    Pray Louise! Pray that you never injure or kills somebody in a vehicle accident.

    Pray that when Grace get out of prison in 7 – 15 years – she doesn’t t-bone your car.

    BTW: It’s you’re, not your