Governor Tony Evers Steps On It Again!

Posted August 31st, 2020 by Iron Mike

For a guy with a PhD,  – Governor Evers is a fairly short-sighted and ignorant little man.   He doesn’t want Kenosha showcased in the national media as a failure of liberal government,  – and his failing to quickly send in enough help to crush the rioting.

Trump’s visit Tuesday will add Kenosha to the list of left-wing poster child cities where liberal leadership melted into the pavement as George Soros’ Marxist BLM mobs ran amok.
How many American cities and towns will burn if Biden wins in November?

One Response to “Governor Tony Evers Steps On It Again!”

  1. Kojack

    The hoe was on with Steven Colbert and said that the violence will and SHOULD continue, even after the election no matter who wins and I believe that to be the case. Make no mistake, this is a Marxist revolution and needs to be treated as one.